Gorkha 11 87/7 (10 ov)
Oporto Cricket Club 61/10 (9.4 ov)
Gorkha 11 won by 26 runs.
Player of the match: Madhukar Thapa
Gorkha 11 win by 26 runs!

This brings us to the end of our coverage of this game from ECS T10 Portugal between Gorkha 11 and the Oporto Cricket Club, with Gorkha 11 winning by 26 runs. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest scores & updates from the world of sports. This is Abhinav Kumar and my colleague, Bala signing off for the time being. Thank you for joining us and we wish you goodbye and good health!
That's a disaster class from Oporto Cricket Club, as they collapse like a pack of cards and have been rolled out for just 61 after 9.4 overs and have lost this game against Gorkha 11 by a comprehensive margin of 26 runs.

For Oporto Cricket Club, only Junaid Khan stood up and kept the flag high, by scoring 30 runs from 17 balls, but with the exception of him and Premal Rajani, who scored a run-a-ball 10, not one batsman went past the double digits, as Gorkha 11 bowlers kept plugging away from the other end.

The Gorkha 11 bowlers delivered brilliantly for their team, with Madhukar Thapa the pick of the bowlers with a good spell of 3/17 in his 2 overs and he got backed up outstandingly by the other bowlers, with Sripal Matta being outstanding for a miserly 2/7 in his 2 overs, while Imran Khan too bowled well for 2/9 in 1.4 overs, while Md Siraj Nipo also getting 2/15 in 2 overs. Rahul Bhardwaj set the tone in his 2 overs upfront and got 1/12 in 2 overs.

The Oporto Cricket Club batsmen have delivered a horror show for their team and this would really hurt them for some time. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 0 0 W Bowler: Imran Khan Jr. Score: 0/0
9.4 Imran Khan to Nigel Jordan, OUT! Full and straight at the stumps, he moves away trying to swing but misses and the ball hits the leg-stump
9.3 Imran Khan to Nigel Jordan, length ball on the sixth stump, swings late and gets the under edge on it
9.2 Imran Khan to Nigel Jordan, good length outside off, tentative heave of the bat but gets beaten
9.1 Imran Khan to Rakesh Chandrasekaran, ;low full toss outside the off-stump, guides it with the open face of the bat to thirdman
Oporto Cricket Club are almost out for the count here, as Madhukar Thapa cleans out the stumps of Kuppuswamy Niranjankumar and after 9 overs, Oporto Cricket Club are 60/9 and need 28 runs from the last over, but have only 1 wicket left in their innings.

Nigel Jordan is the last batsman out to bat.
Over: 9 | Summary: W W 1 0 0 1w Bowler: Madhukar Thapa Score: 60/8
8.6 Madhukar Thapa to Kuppuswamy Niranjankumar, OUT! Full and straight. Meaningless swinging of the bat and the ball hits the middle and leg sticks
8.6 Madhukar Thapa to Kuppuswamy Niranjankumar, full ball but too wide of the off-stump this time. Has to reload this one
8.5 Madhukar Thapa to Kuppuswamy Niranjankumar, good length marginally outside off, feet go down the leg-side as he tries to slash it
8.4 Madhukar Thapa to Kuppuswamy Niranjankumar, full and wide of the off-stump, the feet go nowhere as he tries to reach it out with the bat
8.3 Madhukar Thapa to Rakesh Chandrasekaran, full ball outside off, pushes it to backward point and scampers through
And Thapa has another one, with Sabhapathy completely misreading the line of the ball and seeing his stumps castled and Oporto are sliding into the abyss, with their score 58/8 after 8.2 overs.

Rakesh Chandrasekharan is the new batsman.
8.2 Madhukar Thapa to Kanaka Sabhapathy, OUT! Fuller ball swinging back late into the right-hander, he plays down the wrong line and gets beaten on the inside edge, getting his stumps cleaned up in the process 
This is turning into a procession of wickets for Oporto, as Rajani now swings the ball right into the hands of the fielder and Oporto are on the mat here, with 58/7 their score.

Kuppuswamy Niranjankumar is the new batsman at the crease.
8.1 Madhukar Thapa to Premal Rajani, OUT! Shortish delivery nipping back into the batsman, it is there to be hit but just doesn't get enough elevation. Pulls it straight to the fielder at deep square leg
Another successful over from Nipo, with 7 runs and a wicket from it and after 8 overs, Oporto Cricket Club are 58/6 and need another 30 runs in 12 balls.

Madhukar Thapa will now complete his spell.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 4 1 W 1 0 Bowler: Mohammad Siraj Nipo Score: 58/6
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