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Bengali CC 81/7 (10 ov)
Gracia CC 86/1 (5.2 ov)
Gracia CC won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Kuldeep Lal
That brings us to the end of our coverage of a largely one-sided contest in the European Cricket Series T10 Barcelona. Hope you enjoyed our coverage! Do stick around as there is plenty more action coming your way in the day. For now, on behalf of my co-commentator Pradeep Somashekar, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off! Toodles!
DECIMATION! That's how this game can be summed up from the point of view of Gracia CC. They dominated this encounter from start to finish with both the ball and the bat. Bengali CC did look like they would get to a decent score though, until Kuldeep Lal destroyed all those hopes with a top-class spell of 3-6 off his 2 overs. The other bowlers too followed the lead of their skipper and kept things tight towards the second half of the first innings. The last five overs produced just 26 runs for Bengal CC and a modest total of 81 to defend meant that the bowlers had their task cut out.

The bowlers didn't help their cause in any manner though as they dished out a lot of loose deliveries that were either too short or too wide. The very first ball of the run chase began with a beamer and it just went all awry for Bengali CC thereafter. Gracia skipper Kuldeep Lal wasn't done with tormenting the opposition as he put on a masterclass in clean ball striking and took the bowlers to the cleaners. The long square boundaries weren't long enough for him as he cleared them with ease. Eventually, he channeled his inner MS Dhoni as he finished the game in style with a six that also brought up his half-century off just 17 deliveries. A word ofmention to Gurwinder Bajwa who played a handy innings of 22 and also took a stunning catch earlier in the field. Back-to-back losses in the day for Bengali CC who will need to pull up their socks and have a clear plan going forward. A mighty impressive win for Gracia CC with as many as 28 deliveries to spare - that would give their net run rate a real push.

Kuldeep Lal - pick of the bowlers and top-scorer with the bat - the captain doing the star turn for Gracia CC. Absolutely professional from Kuldeep
5.2 Al Amin Mg to Kuldeep Lal, SIX!! DONE AND DUSTED! Kuldeep finishes things in style, fifty for him as well. Short into Kuldeep on the middle and leg as he swiveled to pull that one away as the fielder at deep square leg makes a mess as it goes over the ropes for a boundary!
5.1 Al Amin Mg to Kulwant Singh, short delivery on the off stump as Kulwant stays back to tap it on the off-side and runs a quick single. Kuldeep is back on strike!
Can the skipper get to a much deserved half-century? Its been an absolute treat to watch Kuldeep Lal and one would hope that he gets to that milestone. Surely should be the final over of the game this
Over: 5 | Summary: 1 6 W 1w 1 1 1nb 1 Bowler: Omar Ali Score: 79/1
4.6 Omar Ali to Kuldeep Lal, full again on the off stump as Kuldeep drills that one down the ground to long-off for just a single
4.6 Omar Ali to Kuldeep Lal, WIDE! Wayward delivery way outside the off stump, slipped out of the hand in the end. Umpire calls that a wide!
4.5 Omar Ali to Kuldeep Lal, low full toss again on the outside off as Kuldeep gently drives it towards deep cover for another single
4.4 Omar Ali to Kulwant Singh, low full toss on the off stump as Kulwant leaned forward to drive it down to the deep cover region as they run a single
4.4 Omar Ali to Kulwant Singh, WIDE! Sprayed down the leg-side this time, it was full and angling into the batsman. Umpire calls that a wide!
4.3 Omar Ali to Gurwinder Bajwa, OUT! CASTLED! Some respite for Bengali as they managed to crash into the Gurwinder's stumps! Touch short on the middle and off as he goes back quickly to pull that one away but misses, rattles the stumps in the end!
4.2 Omar Ali to Gurwinder Bajwa, SIX! KABOOM! Too short on the off stump as he swivels and pulls this one to CLOBBER it way over the deep square leg region for another maximum!. Gracia are motoring along here nicely!
4.1 Omar Ali to Kuldeep Lal, back of a length on the outside off as Kuldeep mistimes the slap on the off-side but takes a quick single in the end, good running!
Another over going the way of the batting team. Gracia will want to clear themselves off that mid-table clutter which is why they will be looking to finish the chase quickly and boost their net run rate. Could this be the final over of the game? It won't be a surprise considering how Kuldeep in particular is going
Over: 4 | Summary: 1 1 6 1w 1 6 2 Bowler: Alauddin Siddique Score: 67/0
3.6 Alauddin Siddique to Gurwinder Bajwa, full delivery on the off stump as Gurwinder drives this one through the extra cover region as they come back for a brace
3.5 Alauddin Siddique to Gurwinder Bajwa, SIX! MONSTROUS! Tossed up, it was short into Gurwinder on the off stump as he goes back into the crease quickly and POWERS it way over the deep square leg boundary for a mammoth hit!
3.4 Alauddin Siddique to Kuldeep Lal, full delivery on the outside off as Kuldeep slices that one through the cover region for a single
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