120/4 (10)
77/5 (10)
GRA won by 43 runs.
That's that from this game, Fateh needed to put up a better show both with bat and ball, things didn't work out for them at all. Gracia picked up two crucial points and they'll now face Hawks in about 50 mins or so, they are making a case here in the tournament and against Hawks they are up with a challenge. This has been me, Pradeep Somashekar along with my partner Bala, signing off, stay safe and take care!
Gracia CC won by 44 runs! Manjinder Singh 21(20) | Heera Mahey 2-0-12-2 | Trilochan Singh 2-0-25-2!

It was always an uphill task for Fateh, they needed to go right from the word go. Saqib Muhammad though, came out with intent and looked like the batter that needed them to get off to a brisk start. Saqib clobbered Trilochan for a boundary and a maximum later on but a peach of a delivery dismissed Saqib as he got squared up and then it takes a healthy outside edge to the first slip who was waiting for it. 

Jubed Miah and Manjinder Singh got together to stitch some sort of a partnership and they were quiet successful in getting the runs too but then Jubed Miah perished of Trilochan again. Gulraiz Hussain later on went back to the hut after playing a little cameo and then Manjinder Singh followed him later on for a huge mix-up. 

From then on, it was an improbable task for the Fateh batters as they kept losing wickets and Gracia got a good strangle on the chase and ensured they never allowed their rest of the batters to get on top of them. 

Trilochan Singh, Heera Mahey were pretty impressive for Gracia and Gaurang was brilliant with his flighted deliveries. Another day, another loss from Fateh and things haven't been good for them and they need a miracle from here on to sneak into the top half of the table.
Clinical victory for Gracia this, their batters did what they needed to do earlier on and now the bowlers stuck to their job, picked wickets and pegged back Fateh who were ordinary with the bat too.
77 /5 score
cricket bat icon Davinder Singh-11
2 (6)
cricket bat icon Randip Singh *
6 (5)
cricket ball icon Harkamal Singh
0 /15
9.6 Harkamal Singh to Randip Singh, short of a length angling in. Randip is a bit too early on the pull and gets beaten
9.5 Harkamal Singh to Randip Singh, short ball angling down the leg. The batter gets a feather on it but the keeper fails to gather it cleanly
9.4 Harkamal Singh to Davinder Singh, digs it in short finding the batter in a spot of bother. Davinder fends it away to thirdman in the end
9.3 Harkamal Singh to Davinder Singh, short of a length delivery around the off-stump. Blocks it towards cover
9.2 Harkamal Singh to Randip Singh, short of a length angling into the body. Clips it to short fineleg and takes a quick single
9.1 Harkamal Singh to Randip Singh, FOUR! Length delivery angling into the leg-stump. Tucks it away nicely off his pads. The fielder at fineleg gives it the chase but doesn't manage to keep the ball in
Harkamal Singh to bowl the final over!
Excellent over from Heera, went almost for nothing but he bagged a wicket as well of the first delivery and Fateh just need to finish formalities here. 50 runs needed off the last over!
71 /5 score
cricket bat icon Davinder Singh-11 *
1 (4)
cricket bat icon Randip Singh
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Heera Mahey
2 /12
8.6 Heera Mahey to Davinder Singh, that's a moon ball from Heera. Going all the way up and descending down. Davinder has a huge swing at it but makes no contact
8.5 Heera Mahey to Randip Singh, full delivery on middle and leg. Drives it down to long-on for a single v
8.4 Heera Mahey to Davinder Singh, short of a length angling into the right-hander. Clips it away to square leg for a single
8.3 Heera Mahey to Davinder Singh, good length ball around the sixth stump channel. Davinder is caught on the crease fending at it and gets beaten
8.2 Heera Mahey to Davinder Singh, short of a length delivery close to the off-stump. Tries to steer it late but makes no contact
Wickets tumbling for Fateh and they are going through the motion it seems here as this is looking all bleak at the moment for them.

Davinder Singh is the new man in, right-hand bat!
8.1 Heera Mahey to Hargurjit Singh, OUT! Soft dismissal! Length delivery around the off-stump. Hargurjit just swipes at it across the line. Gets the top edge that carries to the fielder at long-off.

Hargurjit Singh c H Singh b H Mahey 10(11b, 2x4, 0x6)