Greater Helsinki CC 132/6 (20 ov)
KK Stadin ja Keravan Kriketti won by 6 wickets(D/L Method)
Anyway, that was it from our side, hope you enjoyed the commentary. Until next time, I Abhinav Singh and my senior commentator partner Prasen Moudgal signing off. See yu all soon. Stay Safe and Keep washing your hands. Cheers fellas! Good night!
SKK finish it off easily in the end. The rain playing a bit of spoilsport as the match was poised for a close finish before the rain break came. SKK win with 9 balls to spare. GHC will feel hard done by after posting a competitive total and snapping 3 wickets in the space of 4 deliveries. But hey, that's cricket for you. A game of glorious uncertainties. 
Goodwin and Gallagher stitching a match winning partnership and coming to the hut not out must have done both of the player's confidence a world of good!
13.3 K Muhammad to J Goodwin, FOUR! Goodwin slashes away the short ball behind point to bring about a win for SKK!
13.3 K Muhammad to P Gallagher, short and wide outside leg, keeper fumbles and allows an extra run
13.2 K Muhammad to J Goodwin, short ball cut away to deep point for a single. Doing it in singles! Alright!
13.1 K Muhammad to P Gallagher, length ball dragged to deep mid-wicket for a single. 6 in 11 now
over completed, 7 required in 12 now for SKK. Only 2 runs in last over
12.6 S Amin to P Gallagher, yorker outside off, guided away behind point for a single
12.5 S Amin to P Gallagher, length ball outside off, Galagher looks to swing it away over long on but misses Only one run so far in the over
12.4 S Amin to P Gallagher, full ball hits the pads, appeal turned down by the umpire. 8 from 14
12.3 S Amin to P Gallagher, full toss hit back to the bowler, c&b opportunity wasted
12.2 S Amin to J Goodwin, short of length ball guided to backward point for a single. Edges it to the WK and ball hits it on his pads
12.1 S Amin to J Goodwin, length ball flicked to square leg, no run, 9 of 17!
Gallagher and Goodwin to take the guard once we resume the play
We're back, and with reductions in overs. 15 overs game now
9 runs in 18 balls is the task for SKK.
We'll start losing overs after the first 15 minutes, says one on-air commentator
The Wind has really picked up pace, ground staff having it difficult to cover the pitch
Well, we've got heavy rains pelting down! The match is well poised, hopefully it's just a passing shower!
IS that RAIN? Oh no, the dreaded covers are coming in!
12 overs completed, 8 remain, SKK 93/3 They are motoring through at the moment
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