La Soufriere Hikers 98/4 (10 ov)
Grenadines Divers 88/5 (10 ov)
La Soufriere Hikers won by 10 runs.
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda for this match! Do join us in a bit for the second game of the day! Till then, this is me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal signing off! Goodbye!
Divers snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
The Divers, in a repeat performance from yesterday, produced another woeful display towards the end to somehow end up on the losing side, despite being in control of the chase for large chunks of the second innings. Alex Samuel played excellently to get his side within touching distance but a moment of madness in the penultimate over tilted the scale completely. Thereafter, the Divers indulged into more moments of absolutely ridiculous batting to ensure that the handed the victory to the Hikers. 

As for the Hikers, they would be overjoyed having gotten out of jail that way. The Dalzell brothers shone towards the end and held their nerve, especially at a time when the Divers did anything but that. Fair play to Desron Maloney too for saving the pair for the death overs and taking the game into a situation where they could clinch victory. 
9.6 Kenson Dalzell to Obed McCoy, dot to finish! Yet again length delivery outside off, McCoy charges down the pitch but gets nowhere near the ball. A very tame end to the match for the Divers. 
9.5 Kenson Dalzell to Obed McCoy, third dot in a row and that must be the game. Yet another wild swing and a miss. Poor application from McCoy. Not just him, the entire Divers squad.
9.4 Kenson Dalzell to Obed McCoy, quick and outside off, slightly shorter in length this time, McCoy fails to put bat to ball. Simply stunning. Dalzell, with all the pressure on him, produces two successive dots.
9.3 Kenson Dalzell to Obed McCoy, length ball outside off, McCoy has to go for it but misses the line of the ball completely. This is deja vu for the Divers. This has happened before, hasn't it? And the Divers have not learnt their lessons.
McCoy walks out to the centre! Can he be the Divers' saviour today?
9.2 Kenson Dalzell to Braxie Browne, OUT! Browne is gone for a first ball duck. Quick ball rising onto Browne, the right-hander looks to go for a pull but only manages a top edge which is pouched by the bowler. 11 required off 4 now. 
9.1 Kenson Dalzell to Romano Pierre, length ball swatted down to long off for one. 11 needed off 5 now.
After a diabolical over, the Divers now require 12 runs off six balls. To compound their woes, Samuel contrived to get himself back in the shed and this has suddenly become the Hikers match to lose.
8.6 Kimson Dalzell to Tijorn Pope, run out again! This is extremely poor from the Divers and they are clearly panicking. Much like the previous delivery, there was no second run but Pope, on Pierre's call ran himself into the ground and eventually, out of the game. 
8.5 Kimson Dalzell to Alex Samuel, OUT! Poor running has brought about Samuel's dismissal. Short ball flat batted to long on, Samuel had not even turned before the fielder threw the ball to the keeper, who did not make a mistake this time around. Ridiculous running. I hate to say it but that was as huge a brain fade as you might see in the VPL.
8.4 Kimson Dalzell to Alex Samuel, Samuel is not learning. Again short and outside off, Samuel is trying to go straight but should ideally play it towards point.
8.3 Kimson Dalzell to Alex Samuel, again short and outside off, Samuel swings and misses. Wild from Samuel. Just needs to keep his shape and trust his timing and power.
8.2 Kimson Dalzell to Alex Samuel, keeper makes a mistake! Short ball was pulled to deep mid-wicket, Pierre always wanted a second and Samuel had to hurry, makes it back in the end. Should have been run out though. Salvan Browne made an absolute hash of that collection at the striker's end.
8.1 Kimson Dalzell to Alex Samuel, short and wide outside off, Samuel looks to flat bat it down the ground but misses.
The Grenadine Divers are 83/2 after 8 overs and they now require 16 runs off the final two overs. Samuel is on strike and he would be looking for a boundary or two to ease the tension and make their path to victory smoother.
7.6 Kenson Dalzell to Alex Samuel, full ball driven down to long on for a single.
7.5 Kenson Dalzell to Romano Pierre, length ball on the stumps, Pierre walks across the stumps and flicks it to deep fine leg
7.4 Kenson Dalzell to Romano Pierre, short and pacy outside off, Pierre misses the cut. First shot in anger by Pierre and he ends he slashing at thin air.
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