Gujarat 299/7 (50 ov)
Andhra 182/10 (41.2 ov)
Gujarat won by 117 runs.
Player of the match: Priyank Panchal
That would be all from this coverage of the Vijay Hazare Trophy. This is Prakhar, and I on behalf of Pratyush, Bala, and Sarthak shall now take your leave. But please do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the live coverage from across the globe. 
If the Gujrat skipper Priyank Panchal flattened the Andhra bowlers with a resolute display of batting on his way to a fine hundred, then ace pacer Arzan Nagaswalla broke the back of Andhra's batting by picking three early wickets. Nagaswalla is now the leading wicket-taker in Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021. Panchal and Nagaswalla were the two architects of this comprehensive win by Gujrat. But there were other players too in the Gujrat team who played their role well. Rahul Shah and Ripal Patel contributed to Gujrat's total with useful 30s. Piyush Chawla had three wickets to his name. Gujrat was also the better side when it came to saving runs and taking catches. Only Ricky Bhui batted well for Andhra in the chase as he made a fighting fifty. But he never got any support from any other batsmen. As a result, the quarter-final which could have been an exciting affair turned out to be a lopsided contest. 
Priyank Panchal: The format demands that we win all the games. I tell youngsters to enjoy. When the players enjoy the game that helps them releasing the pressure. We don't have the option of losing any more games now. We are now aiming for a good game in the semifinal. 
Hanuma Vihari: Gujrat outplayed us. Priyank batted well. We had bowlers but we did not bowl well. Losing three to four wickets in the Powerplay is a massive dent when a team is chasing a total of over 300 runs. I am feeling fit now and looking forward to the next series. 
Gujrat captain Priyank Panchal has been adjudged the Player of the Match by the match referee. 
Over: 42 | Summary: 1 W Bowler: Piyush Chawla Score: 0/0
41.2 Piyush Chawla to Lalith Mohan, OUT! CAUGHT! Gujarat head into the semis! Tossed up delivery on off stump, Mohan steps out to get to the pitch of it and lobs it towards long-off, right down the throat of the fielder, who takes the catch and seals the deal for Gujarat!

Gujarat win by 117 runs.
41.1 Piyush Chawla to KV Sasikanth, good length delivery on leg stump, KV sweeps it towards deep square leg takes the single
Nagaswalla was brought back in the attack for Gujrat to get the final wicket and finish things off. But Sasikanth and Mohan, unlike Andhra's top-order, played the bowler well. They could have denied Nagaswalla a five-for. 
Over: 41 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 1 0 Bowler: Arzan Nagwaswalla Score: 182/9
40.6 Arzan Nagwaswalla to Lalith Mohan, comes over the wicket, bangs it in short on middle stump. Mohas does well to not let it get big on him and pats it towards point
40.5 Arzan Nagwaswalla to KV Sasikanth, full delivery angling into the batsman, KV flicks it towards deep midwicket and takes the single this time
40.4 Arzan Nagwaswalla to KV Sasikanth, comes around the wicket, good length delivery angling into the batsman, who stays on the backfoot and taps it back to the bowler
40.3 Arzan Nagwaswalla to KV Sasikanth, good length slower delivery on off stump, KV pushes at it without any footwork, to the fielder at cover
40.2 Arzan Nagwaswalla to KV Sasikanth, back of a length delivery on off stump, Sasikanth plays the forehand pull towards the fielder at mid on but turns down the single again
40.1 Arzan Nagwaswalla to KV Sasikanth, banged in short angling away from the batsman, KV stands tall and pulls it towards deep midwicket, but denies the single

Nagaswalla is back in the attack. 
A wicket and a run from the over. Gaja fortunate to get a wicket in the over. He bowled a full-toss to Harishankar on the third delivery of the over. The batsman looked to whack the ball out of the park. The batsman failed to hit the ball and the ball hit the stumps. 
Over: 40 | Summary: 0 1 W 0 0 0 Bowler: Chintan Gaja Score: 0/0
39.6 Chintan Gaja to Lalith Mohan, another full toss on leg stump, Mohan nudges it straight to the fielder at midwicket. Dot ball to end the over.
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