Gujarat 184/10 (48.1 ov)
Uttar Pradesh 188/5 (42.4 ov)
Uttar Pradesh won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Akshdeep Nath
Uttar Pradesh won this match by 5 wickets and reach the Finals!

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Nath who was playing well could not get his side across the finish line as he lost his wicket batting on 71 runs. Upendra towards the end hammered a maximum and finished it off with a boundary and got Uttar Pradesh into finals which will be played on 14th March this Sunday.
The duo then calmed themselves and found boundaries once again. The runs started to come thick and fast. Upendra as well found a couple of boundaries and got his side to just 13 runs away from the win. Piyush who was wicketless finally got a wicket in the 41st over when just 12 runs were needed for Uttar Pradesh.
The pressure was slightly back on Uttar Pradesh as the new batsman Upendra Yadav took his time and looked to get himself in. The new batsman along with Nath started to panic a bit as they were playing some real needless shots and were lucky to not lose their wicket.
Nath was able to get to his half-century and they started to inch closer and closer to the target. Uttar Pradesh needed just 50 runs and they lost the wicket of their skipper, Karan, as he tried to take on the new bowler Karan Patel.
Once the score for Uttar Pradesh went past the 100 runs mark, Nath decided to free himself a bit more and found boundaries more consistently. Gujarat was unable to build pressure as they were allowing both the batters to rotate strike consistently which kept the scoreboard moving.
The duo had no success as Nath and Sharma did not chip away their wickets and stuck around to build a solid partnership. They stitched on a 50 runs partnership and showed no signs of stopping as they also got the Uttar Pradesh's score past 100 runs.
Nath later on just looked to work the ball around and took the singles to keep the scoreboard moving with his skipper. Gujarat introduced spin from both ends but unfortunately, there was not much on offer for them on this flat track.
Akshdeep Nath then came out to join his captain and was struggling with the same issue as the previous batters as he was coming down the track outside off and looking to play the ball towards square leg instead through the covers.
The duo did get themselves in but the partnership was unable to sustain for long as bowling change did the trick for Gujarat. Tejas Patel who bowled a maiden over first up kept it quiet in his second over as well and got the wicket of Priyam as well of another edge.
Madhav who was flirting a lot outside off stump lost his wicket as well soon after. Priyam Garg then came out to the middle and looked positive as he found the boundaries straight away. Karan and Priyam started to build the inning for Uttar Pradesh once again.
Gujarat definitely needed early wickets and they did find one in the form of Samarth who had started to build his confidence after hitting a couple of boundaries in a row. He just had a feel to get some bat on the ball and went to play a needless shot and ended up edging it first slip.
Coming in to chase 185 runs, Uttar Pradesh had Madhav Kaushik and Samarth Singh out in the middle. Madhav found the first boundary for his side in the second over and got things going for them early on. Gujarat bowlers did have some advantage as the ball was doing a bit off the surface at the start.
UTTAR PRADESH are through to the finals. They will be happy as they make it into finals for the first time since 2004-05. Upendra just looks to go for the big hit and on the final ball, Piyush just banged one in short and Upendra was just ready for that one.
Over: 43 | Summary: 0 1 6 4 Bowler: Piyush Chawla Score: 0/0
42.4 Piyush Chawla to Upendra Yadav, FOUR! Yadav finishes it off in style! Chawla bangs in a bouncer like a medium pacer, Yadav stands tall and dispatches his pull shot towards the midwicket boundary!

Uttar Pradesh win the match by 5 wickets.
42.3 Piyush Chawla to Upendra Yadav, SIX! Tossed up delivery on the stumps, Yadav gets on one knee and slog sweeps it over midwicket for a maximum! The SCORES ARE TIED!!
42.2 Piyush Chawla to Sameer Choudhary, slower delivery through the air outside off stump, Sameera lunges forward and taps it with soft hands, for a single towards cover-point. Down to 7 runs now!
42.1 Piyush Chawla to Sameer Choudhary, flighted full delivery on off stump, Sameer jams out a drive towards mid-on, but there's no run there
Just 8 runs needed now for Uttar Pradesh to qualify for the finals. Both the batters tried to finish the game off by going for the big hits but were unable to find the meat of the bat. They definitely don't need to go for the glory shots as singles will just do good for them.
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