192/6 (20)
195/7 (19.4)
MLORE won by 3 wickets
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Well, then. What a game of cricket it was. The fortunes flowed from one side to another, until Mangalore United emerged victorious in the final over of the chase. They climb right up to the top of the table. 
R Samarth (Captain, Mangalore United): We gave away 20 runs extra in the end. We didn't bowl to our strengths. It seemed like we didn't bowl to our plans. But all credit to Manish, he batted out of his skin. When you are chasing such a total, it is important to have some intent. Everyone who went out to bat showed that intent of getting runs and not playing too many balls. We had belief and we got through in the end. We just thought of taking the game deep. We backed Amit (Verma) and Abhinav (Manohar) to get 15 to 18 (runs an over) in the end. These guys are more than capable of doing it. It was a great game, it seems like the wicket is getting better. 
Abhinav Manohar has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his blistering knock that sealed the game for them!

Abhinav Manohar:
We planned the chase very well but we left too much in the end, could've gone either way. Tried my luck and it worked my way today. Feels good to finish, gives lot of confidence, will take into the next match, lot of credit to the groundsmen. Helps you out to read the situation better sitting in the dug out and helped a lot to plan out later.
Mangalore United 195/7 (19.4 overs) | Abhinav Manohar 55*(25), Aneeshwar Gautam 30(31) | Shreesha Achar 3/26 (4), CA Karthik 2/33 (3)

The chase, much like the first innings, was a story of two halves. Mangalore United were struggling until Abhinav Manohar came out to the middle and he completely changed their fortunes around. What a chase it was! Gulbarga Mystics posted the highest total of the tournament earlier tonight, only for the Mangalore side to better it within a couple of hours.

The Mystics bowlers seemed to be right on top from the outset, having dismissed R Samarth off the second delivery of the chase. Nikin Jose and Macneil Noronha started off briskly but both were dismissed in quick succession. Aneeshwar Gautam was promoted up the order but he had a scratchy outing with the bat. 

Sujay Sateri played a good hand in the middle. But the United looked down and out by the time Abhinav Manohar came out to bat. The scoreboard read 92/4 in the 12th over with 101 more runs required. He looked scratchy at the start, surviving a close lbw call right at the start. But once he got going, there was no stopping the Titans batter. Manohar got a bit of support from Amit Verma and Muralidhara Venkatesh, but the majority of the work thereafter was put in by him. 77 runs came off the final five overs and Mangalore United came from behind and came out on top right at the end.

Shreesha Achar was the pick of the bowlers for the Mystics. He bowled with a lot of guile and ended with figures of 3/26 in his four overs. Vidwath Kaverappa started off well with a wicket-maiden, but went for plenty in the last couple of overs.
Mangalore United win by 3 wickets!
19.4 Vidwath Kaverappa to Abhinav Manohar, MANOHAR YOU BEAUTY! SIX! Seals the game in style as Mangalore United run away with the game out of no where, what a game this was, Gulbarga Mystics are distraught and those two drops of Manohar has come back to bite them in the end. Length delivery on the stumps, Manohar clears his front foot and PUMMELS it way over deep square-leg fence for a maximum.
Just 4 runs required off 3 balls 
19.3 Vidwath Kaverappa to Abhinav Manohar, OH! That's a brilliant fielding at deep backward square-leg and some sloppy running from these two but Kaverappa has a wayward throw and that runs all the way to the long-on fence for a boundary, what is happening? Pandey cannot believe it. Back of a length on the middle and off, Manohar swipes it behind square-leg, they come back for a brace but Sharath hasn't committed, Kaverappa picks it up and fires the throw towards long-on and makes a mess of it.
10 runs required off 4 balls now
19.2 Vidwath Kaverappa to HS Sharath, short delivery on the off-stump, Sharath pulls it over mid-wicket, the fielder takes it on the bounce and gets Manohar back on strike, crucial!
19.1 Vidwath Kaverappa to HS Sharath, SIX! BOOM! That is a poor delivery to start from Kaverappa. Was in the slot for Sharath, looking for the yorker and misses, Sharath swipes and SMOKES it over deep square-leg fence for a maximum. Sharath says, let me do it!
Vidwath Kaverappa [3-1-26-1] will bowl the final over of the match.
He survived a close lbw shout before getting off the mark. He was dropped off the bowling of Abhilash Shetty. But Abhinav Manohar is still out in the middle to face the final over. That is all that matters for Mangalore United. He will be at the non-striker's end for now. Sharath has to put him on strike.

Mangalore United need 17 runs off the final over.
176 /7 score
cricket bat icon Abhinav Manohar
44 (23)
cricket bat icon HS Sharath *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Manish Pandey
0 /14
18.6 Abhilash Shetty to HS Sharath, full delivery on the outside off, Sharath carves it to wide long-off, Manohar doesn't start off immediately and then takes off, there was no second in the end and Sharath keeps the strike, sloppy from Manohar that!
18.5 Abhilash Shetty to Abhinav Manohar, back of a length on the outside off, Manohar cuts that one away, the sweeper comes around and cleans up brilliantly and keeps them for a single.
18.4 Abhilash Shetty to Abhinav Manohar, FOUR! STUNNING HIT! Full delivery on the outside off, Manohar reaches and carves it away, there's no chance for the sweeper as it runs away and picks out the ropes.
18.3 Abhilash Shetty to HS Sharath, full on the off-stump, Sharath drills it down to long-off for one more. Manohar is back on strike again.
18.2 Abhilash Shetty to Abhinav Manohar, DROPPED! Manohar has been dropped for the second time here. Full on the outside off, Manohar carves it in the air over covers, the fielder comes charging to it, tumbles down and spills it, they get a single.