140/2 (10)
141/5 (9.2)
HAW won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Prince Dhiman
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Match Summary: Hawks CC beat Ripoll Warriors by 5 wickets with 4 deliveries to spare.

Prince Dhiman 115* (41) & 2/32 (2) | Ramanjot Grewal 2/11 (1.2)
Muhammad Bilal 51 (16) | Zain Mujadi 1/20 (2)

281 runs, 7 wickets and a couple of long delays owing to technical issues. It was quite the roller-coaster, wasn't it? Not often do you see a batter scoring a century and finishing on the wrong side of the result in this format but alas, that's how it will be for Prince Dhiman who was nothing short of magnificent with the bat.

Muhammad Bilal returned the favor, butchering the bowlers all around the park and carting his way to a 15-ball half-century. His dismissal was an innocuous one as he was adjudged caught behind although he didn't reckon he nicked it. By the time he was dismissed though, he inflicted significant damage on the Hawks attack.

Aamir Javid departed after the break but Zain Mujadi, Muhammad Sohail and Ameer Hamzah came out with the sole intention of swinging for the bleachers. Anything in the slot or dropped short was duly dispatched and the batters made an absolute mockery of their target, sending the Warriors attack into hiding. None of them had a clue and even as Dhiman picked up a couple of wickets, he was subjected to a taste of his own medicine.

A couple of wickets fell towards the end of the chase but it was a case of too little, too late as the Hawks romped home to pull one back after a heartbreaking Golden Ball defeat in the first leg earlier today. Both teams have had quite a rollicking start to their campaigns, haven't they?
9.2 Ramanjot Grewal to Hassan Mujtaba, FOUR! SEALS IT IN STYLE! Full outside the off stump and he powers it from his crease over the covers. Picks his spot to send it racing to the fence and that brings the curtains down on this run-fest. It took a long time owing to some bizarre delays but in the end, Hawks CC prevail by 5 wickets!
Hassan Mujtaba, RHB, comes to the crease.

Surely there's no further twist in this game?
9.1 Ramanjot Grewal to Muhammad Sohail, CHOPPED ON! Width offered on a back of a length radar and Sohail throws his wrists at it. Ends up chopping it onto his stumps and we could very well be in for another twist here!
Muhammad Sohail b Ramanjot Grewal 19 (6b 4x0 6x3)
Ramanjot Grewal to bowl the final over of the game.

Kamran Zia, RHB, comes to the crease.
Hamzah departs but he has done his job. Just 4 runs to win and the Hawks have to get this done surely. Of course, funnier things can happen...
137 /4 score
cricket bat icon Ameer Hamzah *
36 (17)
cricket bat icon Muhammad Sohail
19 (5)
cricket ball icon Prince Dhiman
2 /32
8.6 Prince Dhiman to Ameer Hamzah, KNOCKS HIM OVER! Length delivery on off stump and Hamzah looks to finish it with a heave-ho over mid-wicket upon sitting on one knee. 'You miss, I hit' stuff as the stumps are rattled and this will go into the last over!
Ameer Hamzah b Prince Dhiman 36 (17b 4x1 6x5)
8.5 Prince Dhiman to Ameer Hamzah, SIX! WELL WELL! Walks across his stumps a touch to sit on one knee and scoop this slower full length delivery at the stumps over the keeper's head. He wanted to go over short fine but it ends up flying over the third man ropes instead
8.4 Prince Dhiman to Ameer Hamzah, very full outside the off stump again, Hamzah makes room and jams his bat down in vain. Another dot!
8.3 Prince Dhiman to Ameer Hamzah, full outside the off stump, Hamzah swings hard but can't connect. Priceless dot for the Warriors!
8.2 Prince Dhiman to Ameer Hamzah, SIX! LAUNCHED! Full and in the arc around the off stump. Pace off again as Hamzah lifts it with control and holds the pose as he helps it through the line of the ball for a maximum over long off
8.1 Prince Dhiman to Ameer Hamzah, slower length delivery around the off stump, Hamzah heaves across the line but can't connect
Prince Dhiman is back into the attack
It's getting over in a flash now. Nothing is going the Warriors' way at the moment!
125 /3 score
cricket bat icon Ameer Hamzah
24 (11)
cricket bat icon Muhammad Sohail *
19 (5)
cricket ball icon Karamjit Singh
1 /24
7.6 Karamjit Singh to Muhammad Sohail, SIX AGAIN! Right in the hitting zone around the off stump, Sohail clears his front foot and clubs it flat over the cow corner fence as it travels like a bullet!
7.5 Karamjit Singh to Ameer Hamzah, full length delivery in the slot, Hamzah swings hard across the line as the top-spin takes it over the fielder's head before his colleague backs up to keep it down to one
7.4 Karamjit Singh to Ameer Hamzah, very full outside off stump, chunked into the off-side to the bowler's right off the toe-end