Helsinki Cricket Club 59/1 (5 ov)
Bengal Tigers CC 35/8 (5 ov)
Helsinki Cricket Club won by 24 runs.
That's the end of that then. Do stick around and catch the game between Greater Helsinki CC and KK Stadin ja Keravan Kriketti in another 20 minutes as Prasen Moudgal and Abhinav Singh take you through all the action. Hope you've enjoyed whatever little action we could bring to you today. That's from my colleague, Aakash Arya, and myself, Habil Ahmed. Have a great day :)
The target of 60 runs in a rain-shortened five-over match proved to be daunting for the Bengal Tigers as they fell short by 26 runs in the end. Tigers lost wickets at regular intervals which saw the run-rate climb out of their reach. Zakiullah Kamal and Obaidullah Sadiqui claimed two wickets each.

Batting first, HCC started off well, a good couple of strict overs by N Huda helped the Tigers make a comeback in the game. Ghulam Abbas Butt scored a handsome 38 runs that helped HCC get off a rocking start as they mustered 59 runs for the loss of one wicket. 
HCC win comfortably by 26 runs as Bengal Tigers score 33 runs in their allotted five overs.
4.6 O Sadiqui to J Sarwar, loopy full toss that the batsman cannot get hold of there. Hits it high up in the air and the bowler gets under it to claim a simple caught-and-bowled. Easy win for Helsinki CC in the end.
4.5 O Sadiqui to M Abedin, straight delivery and the batsman misses it all ends up. BOWLED!
4.4 O Sadiqui to M Amin, attempted pull edged by the batsman. Spilled by the keeper.
4.3 O Sadiqui to M Abedin, gets the inside edge past the keeper for one run.
4.2 O Sadiqui to M Abedin, loopy delivery that is blocked by the batsman.
4.1 O Sadiqui to M Amin, bowled down the leg side. Signalled legbyes for a single.
3.6 Z Kamal to M Amin, looped right up and it's hit to the cover fielder. Quick single to finish the over.
3.5 Z Kamal to M Abedin, loopy and on the off side. Batsman hits it away for one.
3.4 Z Kamal to M Amin, shortish and he gets one from the attempted pull.
3.3 Z Kamal to R Sardar, loopy and outside off. Hit up in the air and the man at covers claims it comfortably.
3.2 Z Kamal to B Khan, comes down the ground and completely misses the ball. Keeper gathers the ball and takes the bails off. 
3.1 Z Kamal to M Amin, outside of and the batsman gets the edge for a single.
The Bengal Tigers seem to be struggling now. 28 for four after three overs. Still need 32 more runs in 12 balls.
2.6 A Butt to M Amin, tucked away on the leg side for a single.
2.5 A Butt to B Khan, slower deliver and it's pulled away into the onside for one run.
2.4 A Butt to B Khan, hoicked down the ground but lands in no man's land. They run two.
2.3 A Butt to B Khan, slower ball and some confusion leads to a run out at the bowler's end. It's all happening here. That's the end of a great innings from Huda.
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