SKK Rapids 80/5 (7 ov)
Helsinki Cricket Club 84/3 (5.4 ov)
Helsinki Cricket Club won by 7 wickets
That's all from us today. Hope you had a good time enjoying the games with us. Until next time, this is Sameer and Bala signing off. Good-bye!
It is a comprehensive victory for Helsinki in the final! They hardly dropped a sweat! After restricting SKK to 80 off their 7 overs, their batsmen had to do their job, and how ell they did it! Losing their opener Qureshi for nought in the second ball of the innings was probably the only blip. Abbas Butt initially threw caution to the wind scoring 37 off 14 balls. Once he was dismissed, it was the turn of Faheem Nellanchery. He scored 22 from 11 deliveries.

Helsinki chased down the target of 81 runs in just 5.4 overs. A victory with more than an over to spare is huge in terms of a 7 over game. And rightfully Helsinki CC has been crowned the champions of ECS Finland League 2020. How dominant they have been throughout the league!
5.4 H. Sewell to A. Pusthay, FOUR! Length ball on the stumps, Pusthay makes room for himself and nails the winning boundary to deep point! And that's the GAME!
5.3 H. Sewell to Z. Kamal, Short ball on the body pulled to backward square leg. Excellent short delivery, right at the ears of the batsman. Not sure why Sewell wasn't introduced in to the attack earlier.
5.2 H. Sewell to Z. Kamal, Full and wide delivery just inside the wide line, left alone by Kamal. The umpire thought about it, but adjudged it a legal delivery.
5.1 H. Sewell to A. Pusthay, Length ball outside off tapped to point for a single
Just 3 runs required now. They are absolutely cruising.
HCC 78/3
4.6 J. Goodwin to Z. Kamal, FOUR! Full delivery outside off and a cracking drive from Kamal earns four more! Right out of the text book. Beautifully placed between the ring of flelders.
4.5 J. Goodwin to A. Pusthay, Full delivery on the pads pushed to mid-on for an easy single
4.5 J. Goodwin to A. Pusthay, wide delivery outside off, called wide. The skipper will be fuming with the number of extras they have given away.
4.4 J. Goodwin to F. Nellancheri, OUT! Full delivery outside off skied towards covers and the fielder takes a good catch! Another skier and another good catch. Catching has been excellent in this match. They have got a crucial wicket, but it could have come a bit too late.
4.3 J. Goodwin to F. Nellancheri, Walks towards the bowler and misses the wild slog! He got a bit carried away there.
4.2 J. Goodwin to A. Pusthay, Full toss outside off driven to extra cover for another single. There are a ring of fielders on the boundary there.
4.1 J. Goodwin to F. Nellancheri, Low full toss on off-stump played towards deep square leg for a single
23 runs off the over, and HCC is really cruising here. Just 11 required now off the remaining 3 overs. SKK would need a miracle to salvage this game.
HCC 70/2 after 4 overs
3.6 P. Gallagher to A. Pusthay, SIX! Full delivery outside off and Pustahy nails the lofted drive over long-off! What a way to get off the mark. First ball? No problem! Bang it over the bowler's head for a six!
3.5 P. Gallagher to F. Nellancheri, Full delivery on the stumps hit to mid-off to rotate the strike.
3.4 P. Gallagher to F. Nellancheri, FOUR! Short ball on the body pulled to deep backward square leg for a boundary! Poor ball from Gallagher and Nellancheri doesn't miss out. He seems to be in a hurry.
3.3 P. Gallagher to F. Nellancheri, SIX! Full delivery outside off cross-batted over long-off for a maximum! That was brutal force. It was floated up by Gallagher and he latched onto it. 
3.2 P. Gallagher to A. Butt, OUT! Full delivery on the pads skied to deep square leg and the fielder takes an easy catch! He did not time it well. It was miles up in the air. Excellent catch by the fielder at midwicket. The key there was to keep the eyes on the ball.
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