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Hira CC Sabadell 104/5 (10 ov)
Barna Royals 105/3 (8 ov)
Barna Royals won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Shafat Ali Syed
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So Barna Royals win the match by 8 wickets with more than two overs to spare. A convincing win in every sense in the T10 over format. Royals were helped by a brisk start from their skipper who hit 34 runs from 12 balls. Hamza Azhar was the other star batsman of the chase as he hit 32 runs from 20 balls. Heera Laal and Anwar UI Haq were the two wicket-takers for Hira. A horrible over from Mehmood Akhtar in which he gave 22 runs eased things a lot for Hira in the chase. 

Earlier, Hira batted first and posted 104-5 on the board. Their inning wan an inning of two halves. Hira started well as ist openers Heera Laal (30 off 16) and Alumdar Hussain (24 off 16) stitched a 50-run partnership. At the half-way mark, it looked like Hira would finish somewhere beyond 120. But then the Royals' bowlers bounced back in the second half of the inning. They started picking wickets which hampered Hira's progress. A cameo (18 off 14) from Ikram UI Haq helped Hira go beyond the 100-run mark.
Over: 8 | Summary: 4 1w 1nb 1 1w 1lb 1 1 W 1 Bowler: Anwar UI Haq Score: 105/3
7.6 Ikram Ul Haq to Syed Hussain, good length delivery on the off stump for the new batsman who takes a step out, makes room for himself, to just punch the ball through the point region for a single. That's a win for Barna Royals. 
S Hussain walks out to bat. 
7.5 Ikram Ul Haq to Sharjeel Qaiser, OUT! CAUGHT! A slower delivery, good length just outside off stump, mistimed in the air, for a simple catch for Heera Laal at cover. 
7.4 Ikram Ul Haq to Hamza Azhar, fullish delivery outside off stump, punched to mid off for a run. 
7.3 Ikram Ul Haq to Sharjeel Qaiser, good length delivery guided to the cover region for a single. 
7.2 Ikram Ul Haq to Hamza Azhar, yorker on the pads, somehow nudged away on the on side for a single. 
7.2 Ikram Ul Haq to Hamza Azhar, no ball here, ball slips from the bowlers hands, goes outside the pitch for an extra. 
7.1 Ikram Ul Haq to Hamza Azhar, FOUR. A gift for the batsman this good length ball, outside off stump, driven to deep cover for a boundary. 
This is what makes the T10 format so exciting. A horrible over from Akhtar as he gave 22 runs from it. Now the batting side is the favorite to win the match. 
Over: 7 | Summary: 1w 1nb 2b 1w 6 1 1 1 6 2 Bowler: Mehmood Akhtar Score: 93/2
6.6 Mehmood Akhtar to Sharjeel Qaiser, dot ball to end the over. 
6.5 Mehmood Akhtar to Sharjeel Qaiser, SIX, width on offer and that one is out of here, smashed with a lot of power for a six, 
6.4 Mehmood Akhtar to Sharjeel Qaiser, DROPPED, oh god that was a sitter at deep mid wicket and that should have been taken. Good length delivery taken to the air and put down. 
6.3 Mehmood Akhtar to Hamza Azhar, full pitched delivery on the pads, pushed away with the use of wrists for a single. 
6.1 Mehmood Akhtar to Hamza Azhar, SIX. Free hit used to good use, full length delivery in the slot, smoked over deep cover for a maximum. 
6.1 Mehmood Akhtar to Sharjeel Qaiser, no ball, again outside the pitch outside off stump, too much for the keeper to stop as the batsman steal a single. 
6.1 Mehmood Akhtar to Sharjeel Qaiser, no ball, poor bowling, this one goes outside the pitch and the batsman will have a free hit. 
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