Catalunya 114/6 (10 ov)
Hira CC Sabadell 52/8 (10 ov)
Catalunya won by 62 runs.
That's all we have for the live coverage of the match as my colleague, Abhinav Singh and myself, Lavil Saldanha, sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for daily match commentaries and up to date sports news. until next time, its good by from our side. SEE YA!!
Catalunya CC win the match by 62 runs

It was a really sorry show with the bat for Hira CC Sabadell as they were dominated all throughout the match.

Chasing a target of 115 runs, Hira CC Sabadell could have the worst start possible as they lost 3 wickets for 16 runs in the powerplay. Mubashar Irshad, Bakhtair Khalid and Anwar Ul Haq lost their wickets in the powerplay with Shaukat being on a hat trick in the 3rd over. Yasin came in to bowl the over after the powerplay and struck quickly after the powerplay with 2 back to back wickets and HCCS struggling on 17/5 after 4 overs.

The wickets kept tumbling for HCCS but they somehow managed to get a few runs under the belt. Manan Ayub and Fakhar Chatta were the only batsmen to get double digits as they got a few boundaries and helped the team to limp to 52/8 in their allotted 10 overs.

CTC were absolutely in beast mode with the ball as they struck regularly with the ball and delivered when required. Shahbaaz Shaukat and Mohammad Yasin finsihed with terrific spells to his name as they finished on 2/2 after 2 overs and 3/5 in 2 overs respectively. 
9.6 Yasir Ali to Adnan Abbas, tossed up delivery, away from the batsman's arc on an outside offstump line and Adnan whilst moving away from the stumps ends up inside edging the ball back to the keeper! And with that CTL seal the match by 62 runs!
9.5 Yasir Ali to F Chattha, back of length delivery on the middle and leg stump line, the batsman went back in his crease and pulled the ball behind square for a single 
9.4 Yasir Ali to F Chattha, tossed up delivery on fifth stump line and the batsman whilst attempting a lofted shot, ends up being nowhere near it
9.3 Yasir Ali to Adnan Abbas, fuller length delivery on pads, worked away to deep midwicket fielder for a single
9.2 Yasir Ali to Adnan Abbas,boweld short and wide this time around but the new batsman cannot meet the ball and the keeper collects the ball easily 
9.1 Yasir Ali to H Singh, OUT! slower, tossed up delivery, the batsman went on his backfoot to launch the ball over midwicket but ended up missing the line and the ball crashed onto his middle and off stump! Looked to play a big heave and the ball misses the bat and goes on to hit the stumps straight.
HCCS could only gather 13 runs in the over as they limped their way to 50/7 after 9 overs. CTC have dominated them throughout the game and controlled the game the way they wished to do so. 
8.6 Ali Azam to F Chattha, SIX! banged in short, the batsmn stood tall in his crease and flat batted the ball over long on for a MAXIMUM! Kept his position intact and hit the ball from the middle of the bat. Gives it the wings and it sails over the ropes for a boundary. 13 runs off the over
8.5 Ali Azam to F Chattha, fuller length ball this time and the batsman cannot get under the ball!
8.4 Ali Azam to F Chattha, FOUR! back of length delivery that barely rises to the waist and the batsman swivels in his crease and slaps the ball to deep midwicket for a boundary! Chattha gets it at desirable height, swivels it with all the power and gives the ball the legs to go all the way to the ropes for a boundary
8.4 Ali Azam to F Chattha, sprayed down the legstump for a WIDE
8.3 Ali Azam to F Chattha, length ball bowled on middle stump line and the batsman cannot put it away 
8.2 Ali Azam to F Chattha, back of length delivery on outside off line, cut away to sweeper cover for a couple of runs
8.1 Ali Azam to H Singh, back of length delivery, pulled in front of square for a single
Another man fall for HCCS there as they continue to slip off in a mammoth chase yet again. They have no one to bail them out of this situation right now as they find themselves on 37/7 after 8 overs.
7.6 Yasir Ali to M Ayub, OUT! this time the batsman pays the price for playing across the line! length delivery on stumps and the batsman clubs the ball straight to long on where the fielder didn't have to move an inch to catch that  Ayub looked to play the big shot but had his feet planted deep in the crease. Didn't move to much to play the shot and could only hit it as far as the long on fielder
7.5 Yasir Ali to M Ayub, another tossed up delivery and the batsman goes for a wild swepee only to miss the line of the ball 
7.4 Yasir Ali to H Singh, fuller pitched delivery, driven down the ground for a single
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