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Linkoping CC 113/5 (10 ov)
Hisingen CC 70/3 (10 ov)
Linkoping CC won by 43 runs.
That completes a dominating performance from the LKP unit. They didn’t let HSG off the hook at any stage of that run chase. Four of their five bowlers used went at a rate of less than 7, and that should sum up how good LKP were with the ball. There was some excellent display of catching as well on the boundary ropes. Overall, a complete display from the LKP side as they registered a convincing 43 run win.

As for HSG, Sukavanesh top scored with 21, but, none of the batsmen really caused any trouble for the LKP bowlers, who had a fairly relaxed game with the ball. LKP earlier put on 113 with the bat, after some excellent contributions from Adeel Ashgar and Saad Khan, which completely took of HSG from the contest.

So, that’s all from me, Prashanth Satish and my fellow commentator, Abhinav Singh from this contest. The action doesn’t stop here on Sportskeeda though, as you can head to our coverage of the game between Hisingen CC and Kristianstad CC. 
Till we meet again Goodbye and STAY SAFE!
9.6 Puneeth Ballakuraya to Bharat Konka, back of a length delivery, Bharat goes deep back in his crease and smacks it towards the deep backward point area for a BOUNDARY! But Alas! the fireworks came a little too late for the HCG side as they are beaten by 43 runs!
9.5 Puneeth Ballakuraya to S Mathisekaran, similar ball on length and dabbed to point for a single
9.4 Puneeth Ballakuraya to S Mathisekaran, good length ball, the batsman nudges it to the third man area for a couple of runs
9.3 Puneeth Ballakuraya to S Mathisekaran, short of length and the batsman whilst making the room is left miles away from the ball 
9.2 Puneeth Ballakuraya to F Mohammed, similar ball, Mohammed makes some room and tries to go over long on fielder  but hits it straight to him who takes a rather EASY catch! WICKET!
9.1 Puneeth Ballakuraya to F Mohammed, bowled withing these stumps and pushed back to the bowler 
Another good over for the LKP side. They have kept the pressure on HSG right throughout the innings.
At the end of the 9th over, HSG are 63/2. 
51 needed off 6 balls!
8.6 M Moeez to F Mohammed, short ball, batsman tries the glory shot, top edges it and the short third man fielder makes a meal of that catch 
8.5 M Moeez to S Mathisekaran, bowled in the slot and batsman heaves it to long on for a single, ball just dropping short of the fielder 
8.4 M Moeez to F Mohammed, length ball and hit straight to cover fielder for a single
8.3 M Moeez to S Mathisekaran, good length ball, sliced again to sweeper cover for a single
8.2 M Moeez to S Mathisekaran, short again and this time goes to extra cover region, gets couple of runs for his troubles 
8.1 M Moeez to S Mathisekaran, short ball and sliced straight to deep point fielder for a couple
Another over without a boundary, HSG just haven't been able to get going and credit to the LKP bowlers as well.
At the end of the 8th over, HSG are 55/2. They need another 59 runs in 2 overs.
Looks very much next to impossible now! 
Required Rate is 29.5!
7.6 I Khan to F Mohammed, good length ball, is there to be cut but the batsman is beaten rather easily 
7.5 I Khan to F Mohammed, full ball in the block hole and batsman can't do much about it 
7.4 I Khan to F Mohammed, wide outside off, Batsman pre-meditates, gets across and lifts it over the keepers side for a double
7.3 I Khan to S Mathisekaran, bowled on the stumps and hit across to square leg for a single
7.2 I Khan to F Mohammed, short ball and top-edged to third man area for a single
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