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Hisingen CC 50/6 (10 ov)
Seaside CC 51/3 (5.5 ov)
Seaside CC won by 7 wickets
So, this was me, Shrey Gupta along with my colleague, Vinay Chhabria bringing you all the live-action of European Cricket League 2020 Match 7. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for many such live-action! Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
So, Seaside CC has sealed this game by 7 wickets! What a dominating performance by them! They have outplayed Hisingen in all three departments!
It just needed a snap, nothing more than that! The SSD batsmen did exactly that! With just 50 runs on the board, the Hisingen was already out of the game! A canter would have been enough, but their batsmen decided to gallop and finished the game within 6 overs! After fielding first, they knew that the outfield is slow and it's hard to score boundaries on this one! Therefore, they rotated the strikes well, and took the aerial route whenever they needed to get quick runs off some bad balls! Thus, an all-round performance handed them with valuable two points!
5.6 P Kumar to H Koranga, two runs! Just dabbed this one in the square region for a couple and that's the game! Seaside CC thrash their opponents by 7 wickets!
5.5 P Kumar to H Koranga, driven to the covers, no runs. Again a useless direct hit and the batsman looks fumed!
5.4 P Kumar to H Koranga, tapped it to mid-wicket, no runs. 
5.3 P Kumar to Ghulami, hit towards extra cover, the batsmen take a quick single. 
5.2 P Kumar to Ghulami, hit towards point, no runs. 
5.1 P Kumar to S Murthy, OUT, and the captain takes the catch at short cover, what a way to celebrate! Just like DJ Bravo! Ugh!! Wickets delaying the victory for SSD! Both set batsman depart!
A wicket, but too late to come! SSD just needs 3 runs to seal the game!
4.6 A Nag to Z Hussain, OUT! He tried to finish the innings with a big shot, Misses completely and the keeper does the rest. Too late for HSG to strike back in the game!
4.5 A Nag to Z Hussain, appeal for caught behind, no response from the umpire. 
4.4 A Nag to S Murthy, comes down the track, hit towards extra cover for one run. 
4.3 A Nag to Z Hussain, hit towards fine leg for a single. 
4.2 A Nag to Z Hussain, FOUR! Another boundary from Hussain! He seems to be in a hurry! Length ball, again on the leg side! The batsman uses his crease well and heaves it to the leg-side for a boundary!
4.1 A Nag to S Murthy, the ball kept low, the batsman smashes it to square leg for one run. 
Just a formality left! SSD needs 10 runs in 36 balls!
3.6 A Jain to Z Hussain, FOUR! Poor ball! The fine-leg was inside the circle and still, the bowler bowled on the leg-stump! The batsman sights this one and smashes it over the fine leg fielder's head for a boundary. 
3.5 A Jain to S Murthy, played down the ground, hits on the stumps at the bowler's end, just one run. 
3.4 A Jain to S Murthy, outside off again, the batsman fails to connect. 
3.4 A Jain to S Murthy, WIDE, wide outside off
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