179/2 (20)
123/9 (20)
IND won by 56 runs.
Player of the match: Suryakumar Yadav
Speaking of Pakistan, they're in action in the final game of the day at the Perth Stadium. You can catch all the action from that contest by just switching tabs. That's all we have from this game for now. This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my partner, Shashwat Kumar. Goodbye! 
Right then. India make it two wins in two to put themselves in the driver's seat to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament. Their next challenge will be a crucial one against the Proteas at Perth, giving them a good chance to see where they stand when competing against one of the best sides in the group. As for the Netherlands, they can take heart from their performance in patches today but know there's still plenty to do be done when they come up against Pakistan in their next encounter.  
Rohit Sharma (Indian captain): (Recovering from Melbourne) Luckily for us, we had a few days. It was a special win considering what it holds and it being the first win of the tournament. Obviously, for us, as soon as the game got over we came back to Sydney and regrouped. We discussed that it was a great win but we have to move on now and just start thinking about the games that are coming up for us. The focus has been on this game. We wanted to come out here and get those two crucial points and I thought it was quite clinical. Honestly, when you're expected to win, the pressure is a lot. Looking at how these guys (The Netherlands) have played their cricket and how they've qualified into the Super 12s, a lot of credit goes to them as well. For us, it was about coming out here and doing what we have to do rather than looking at the opposition. It was a near-perfect game for us. We knew the wicket was slightly on the slower side and we had to take our time to play our shots, which is what me and Virat spoke about. We wanted to get that partnership in the middle and let our power hitters come in at the backend to take care of the runs. Those guys batted till the end and got us to a reasonable wicket and the bowlers were clinical. (Personal form) Not entirely happy [with the way I batted]. I wouldn't say it was a perfect knock for me but just to get some runs on the board for myself was important. It's not always going to be as fluent as you want to but getting good-looking runs or ugly runs doesn't matter. The runs are for the team and that is what we all have done. It's important to keep that confidence ticking. 
Scott Edwards (Netherlands captain): Definitely the noisiest crowds [we have played in]. It was a bit difficult to communicate with the players with all the chants but it was an awesome experience. We came here to win and put up a good performance but against these kinds of sides, you have to be on the money or they make you pay. Like the two batters at the end there, getting them to 180. It was always going to be pretty tricky since then. We bowled reasonably well but if you don't get the wickets and the opposition have the batting order like that had in the end, it's always going to be tough to restrict them. (Next game against Pakistan) It only gets bigger and better, doesn't it? We're looking forward to it and hopefully we can put in a better performance as a side.
Suryakumar Yadav, Player of the Match: I was just trying to express myself. The situation was very simple and it was to up the tempo. I took one ball today (to get set). Message was loud and clear when I was going in to bat. We needed to get 8-10 runs per over and put up a total that our bowlers could defend. Enjoying batting with Virat and the thought process is clear
India won by 56 runs!

Virat Kohli - 62* (44) | Bhuvneshwar Kumar - 2/9
Tim Pringle - 20 (15) | Paul van Meekeren - 1/32

As most expected, it was a one-sided contest in the end with India pocketing the two points in a comprehensive fashion. For what it's worth, the Dutch fought commendably in the first quarter of the game but were then blown away by the superior of the two sides.

India will have areas to address with regards to their batting in the middle overs but those were largely overshadowed by half-centuries from the trio of Rohit, Kohli and SKY. They set this game up on a tricky surface, posting a target that proved to be well beyond Netherlands' reach. Tim Pringle was their top scorer, which sums up how their day went with the bat.

In reply, the Dutch never challenged or threatened to chase down the target at any stage of the innings. Bhuvneshwar Kumar delivered consecutive maidens up front with Axar Patel also chipping in during the Powerplay to dismiss both openers. The pleasing box ticked for the side will be that all the bowlers expect Hardik Pandya ended up with their name in the wickets column, which will help in keeping the morale up.

With this win, India further bolster their chances of making it to the next round with two wins in two games. As for the Dutch, they're out of any miracles of making it to the next round but will still have enough to fight for with a chance to seal their spot in next year's T20 World Cup. We'll see how the captains react to the game, coming up during the presentation.
123 /9 score
cricket bat icon Shariz Ahmad
16 (11)
cricket bat icon Paul van Meekeren *
14 (6)
cricket ball icon Arshdeep Singh
2 /37
19.6 Arshdeep Singh to Paul van Meekeren, FOUR MORE! Another low full toss on middle and off stump. van Meekeren gives himself swinging room and smacks it past mid off for four
19.5 Arshdeep Singh to Paul van Meekeren, EDGED AND FOUR! Banged into the track at the batter, and this causes van Meekeren all sorts of trouble. He takes his eyes away and has a swipe at it, managing a top edge that flies over the keeper for four
19.4 Arshdeep Singh to Paul van Meekeren, FOUR! Low full toss outside off stump. van Meekeren gives himself a bit of room and pounds it past extra cover for a boundary!
19.3 Arshdeep Singh to Shariz Ahmad, full delivery just outside off stump. Ahmad backs away and drills it towards the sweeper at deep cover point for one more run
19.2 Arshdeep Singh to Paul van Meekeren, short delivery on leg stump that hurries onto the batter. van Meekeren has a swing at it anyway and squirts the ball into the on side for a single
19.1 Arshdeep Singh to Paul van Meekeren, searing yorker that is fired into the batter's pads. van Meekeren does not seem to get bat on it as the ball thuds into the pads
Arshdeep Singh is on a hat-trick! A buzz of anticipation around the SCG builds up with Rohit, Bhuvneshwar and Surya having a chat with the young bowler. Remember, no Indian bowler has taken a hat-trick at the T20 World Cup.
109 /9 score
cricket bat icon Shariz Ahmad *
15 (10)
cricket bat icon Paul van Meekeren
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Mohammed Shami
1 /27
18.6 Mohammad Shami to Shariz Ahmad, slower delivery on a length outside off stump. Ahmed crouches down low and slaps it towards deep cover point for a couple of runs
18.5 Mohammad Shami to Shariz Ahmad, FOUR! SHOT! Full delivery on middle and off stump. Ahmad gives himself a bit of room and cracks it over backward point for four
18.4 Mohammad Shami to Shariz Ahmad, slower delivery on a length just outside off stump. Ahmad has a swish at it but misses the ball by an absolute mile
Around the wicket
18.3 Mohammad Shami to Paul van Meekeren, full delivery outside off stump. van Meekeren throws his hands at it and slices the ball towards deep cover point for a single