Salzburg CC 68/4 (10 ov)
Indian CC Vienna 69/0 (3.3 ov)
Indian CC Vienna won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Mehar Cheema
This is a joint quickest run chase in ECS history! Cricket is a team game but in this match, it turned out to be a one-man show. This is batting of the highest quality from Cheema as he brings up his half-century in just 16 balls before muscling that back-of-the-length delivery over midwicket to ensure INV win this match with no fuss.

After enjoying probably the best bowling performance in this ECS tournament, it seemed INV will look to finish this chase rapidly to boost the run rate. But no one predicted this onslaught from Cheema as he helped his team to chase the target of 69 in a blink of an eye. From punishing the first ball of the over straight down the ground to scoring boundaries with ease all around the park, it was a batting masterclass from Cheema. Zeeshan Goraya, who was Salzburg's best bowler in this tournament, was taken for 42 runs in two overs. It was a forgettable day for Salzburg and they will have to put this misery behind as quickly as possible. That's it from here, hope you enjoyed Mehar Cheema's onslaught as much as we did.. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh, signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague Ankit. See yaaa.
3.3 Mubashar Ali to Mehar Cheema , FOUR! A fantastic end to a fantastic innings! Fits perfectly foe Cheema who is the one to hit the winning runs. Good length delivery, slapped between long on and deep mid wicket who wouldn't even dream of attempting this, as it was hit with so much power. A very quick chase this one, that also is the fastest chase ECS, tied with one other. Indian Vienna take win the game one sided, by 10 wickets. 
3.2 Mubashar Ali to Mehar Cheema , SIX! CRUNCHED! What a performance from Cheema today. He brings up a 16 ball fifty with this hit. Good length delivery, in the slot for Cheema, who bashes this one over the fielder at deep square leg for a maximum. Just a hit away from the win now. 
3.1 Mubashar Ali to Aman Chhabra , in the air and dropped! Fullish delivery, Chhabra looking to sweep this, gets a thick top edge that was in the air for a few seconds, but the keeper was unaware and was late to grab onto it. 
58 runs scored in the powerplay and that's the highest any team has managed in this tournament. Chhabra has a best seat to watch Cheema's carnage.
Over: 3 | Summary: 1 0 6 4 6 6 Bowler: Zeeshan Goraya Score: 58/0
2.6 Zeeshan Goraya to Mehar Cheema , SIX! Another one to end the over! This is magnificent batting from Cheema. Overpitched delivery again, dispatched over the bowler for another maximum to score the most runs in the powerplay.  
2.5 Zeeshan Goraya to Mehar Cheema , SIX! BOOM! Overpitched delivery, launched into the sky like a rocket, over deep mid wicket for a maximum. Clean striking from this man, and he's going all out. 
2.4 Zeeshan Goraya to Mehar Cheema , FOUR! He goes again, this time to the off side, and picks up a boundary. He's definitely taking his revenge here. Good length delivery, cut through point and cover for more runs. 
You hit me, and now I am going to hit you out of the park. That pull shot looked like he wanted to unleash all his frustrations after being hit on the button in the previous ball.
2.3 Zeeshan Goraya to Mehar Cheema , SIX! A perfect response from the in form Cheema! He's removed his frustration with this shot. Short pitched ball, on middle, and Cheema slaps this straight over long leg for a maximum. 
OUCH! This is not a good sight as Cheema looks in more pain at the moment.
2.2 Zeeshan Goraya to Mehar Cheema , good length delivery, pace taken off the ball, hits the batsman in the spot no man ever wants to be hit in! Cheema goes down instantly, removes his gloves and takes a walk. 
2.1 Zeeshan Goraya to Aman Chhabra , good length delivery, outside off, worked away towards extra cover for a risky single. There was a direct hit but the umpire reckons Chhabra has made it home. 
Zeeshan Goraya to continue

Cheema Carnage in full flow. This low scoring run-chase has become a mere formality in just two overs, owing to some stunning hits from Cheema.
Over: 2 | Summary: 4 4 1w 4 1w 0 0 2 Bowler: Imran Asif Score: 35/0
1.6 Imran Asif to Mehar Cheema , good length outside off again, crunched towards deep point for a quick couple of runs to end another great over for the batting side. 
1.5 Imran Asif to Mehar Cheema , good length delivery, cut to point who is quick to pick this up and save runs for his team. 
1.4 Imran Asif to Mehar Cheema , BEATEN! Very close this one. Full and quick outside off, just misses the bat on the way to the keeper. 
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