Gorkha 11 86/4 (10 ov)
Indian Royals 74/5 (10 ov)
Gorkha 11 beat Indian Royals by 12 runs
Player of the match: Suman Ghimire
Well, that's it from the 29th match of the league. But do not go anywhere. We have another match featuring these two teams coming up in just about ten minutes' time. It will be played under lights and will be the last game of the day. Stay tuned for that encounter. This is Bala and Sooryanarayanan signing off. Stay home, stay safe!
Excellent discipline shown by the Gorkha bowlers. They have won the match for the side by restricting the Royals batsmen. The Royals seemed to be on course to overhaul the total at one point in time, but the table-toppers have managed to pull it off.

The Royals were almost in the same position has their opponents at the halfway point, scoring 33/1 in their 5 overs. The sixth over from Sripal Matta yielded 19 runs and it seemed like the much-needed impetus that was required for the chase. But the match-altering moment came in the seventh over when the set batsman Amandeep was run out by Mohammad Siraj Nipo when he backed up a bit too much.

Once Amandeep was gone, none of the other batsmen could accelerate and make a game out of it. Jasbinder Singh tried his bit in the end but he could not get any support. Amandeep's knock of 22-ball 27 and the 14 runs scored by Jasbinder were the only two innings of some note in that chase.

Almost all the bowlers were economical, probably with the exception of Sripal Matta. Mohammad Siraj Nipo was once again the pick among the bowlers, conceding just 8 runs and picking up a wicket in his two-over spell. Rahul Bhardwaj claimed a couple of scalps as well. 
Gorkha 11 win by 12 runs!
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 1w 1 0 1w 1w W 0 0 Bowler: Rahul Bhardwaj Score: 74/5
9.6 Rahul Bhardwaj to Sukhwinder Singh, back of a length delivery that is fired outside leg-stump as Sukhwinder gives himself room, ends up thudding into his pads as he drops his bat. The ball rolls into the off-side and Bhardwaj sees his team home! Gorkha 11 pull off a heist as they consolidate their position atop the points table! They win this game by 12 runs!
9.5 Rahul Bhardwaj to Sukhwinder Singh, THAT SHOULD DO IT! Back of a length in the channel, Sukhwinder swings across the line but fails to get bat on ball! Another legal delivery from Bhardwaj is all that is needed now!
Sukhwinder Singh, left-hand batter, is the new man in!
9.4 Rahul Bhardwaj to Faisal Riaz, OUT! IS THIS THE GAME? Full in the channel, Faisal swings across the line and spoons a top-edge into the hands of short third man! TWO SIXES NEEDED TO TIE THE GAME NOW!
9.4 Rahul Bhardwaj to Faisal Riaz, WIDE! ACTION REPLAY! Another full and wide one well outside the tramline. The keeper is pepping up Bhardwaj who seems to be under the pump a little bit!
9.4 Rahul Bhardwaj to Faisal Riaz, WIDE! Sprayed full and well outside the tramline, he will have to reload!
9.3 Rahul Bhardwaj to Faisal Riaz, back of a length outside off, gives the charge and has an almighty swing for Mars but he can only connect with thin air!
9.2 Rahul Bhardwaj to Jasbinder Singh, MISFIELD! On a length outside off, Jasbinder chops a cut through to deep point who fumbles big time but despite that, a single is all they get! Well well!
9.2 Rahul Bhardwaj to Jasbinder Singh, WIDE! Well outside the tramline! Pressure on the bowler now!
9.1 Rahul Bhardwaj to Jasbinder Singh, back of a length and width on offer, cut very late through backward point and into the deep as they complete the second run!
That over saw a lot of heaving and swinging of the bat but did not produce any tangible result. He completed the over conceding just 6 runs off it which included a boundary. Jasbinder Singh will be the key for the Royals now, with an unlikely target of 17 runs required off the final over.

Rahul Bhardwaj will finish off the proceedings for the Gorkha 11.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1b 4 0 0 1lb W Bowler: Mohammad Siraj Nipo Score: 68/4
8.6 Mohammad Siraj Nipo to Jaswinder Kumar, OUT! BOWLED HIM! Swings hard at a length delivery at the stumps, 'you miss I hit' stuff from Siraj as he caps off a game-changing spell! Incredible stuff this - 19 needed off the final over!
8.5 Mohammad Siraj Nipo to Jasbinder Singh, thuds into the pads off a length, the batters cross over for a leg bye. These will not hurt Gorkha 11 one bit! 
8.4 Mohammad Siraj Nipo to Jasbinder Singh, BEATEN AGAIN! Looks to cut through the off-side off a nagging line in the corridor, ends up getting beaten again!
8.3 Mohammad Siraj Nipo to Jasbinder Singh, OOH! A good length on a very tight line in the corridor, Jasbinder is beaten as he looks to work it. Pressure on the Royals!
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