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Barbarian CC 86/5 (10 ov)
Indian Tuskers 79/8 (10 ov)
Barbarian CC won by 7 runs.
Barbarians CC beat the Indian Tuskers by 7 runs

Tuskers started their chase cautiously, scoring 17 runs in the first 3 overs. They were going along well until the 4th over when Katzarski (4/16 in 2 overs) ran in to bowl the first over off his spell and snapped up a hattrick in no time and and picked a wicket off the last ball of the 5th over to reduce INDT  from 25/1 in 4 overs to 33/5 in 5 overs. He was supported by Shipkov (2/14 in 2 overs) who held his nerve and bowled a brilliant final over to see the Barbarians CC home as they won the match by 6 runs.

Much like their bowling display, the INDT batsmen were also clueless regarding the chase. Nithin Sunil (34 runs in 32 balls) was the only batsman to get a substantial score and to carry his bat till the end as no other batsman crossed double digits and fell prey to the Barbarians CC bowling lineup, gifting away their wickets.

That's all we have from the live coverage of this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Sameer Deodhar, sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for the live commentaries of the league and all sports related articles. Until next match, GOODBYE!!
9.6 D. Shipkov to K. Shaji, Loopy full toss on the pads hit to deep square leg for just a single
9.5 D. Shipkov to B. Benjamin, Just a single on the legside for Benjamin with that flick
9.4 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, OUT! Full delivery on off-stump slogged to long-on and Clarkson on the ropes takes an excellent catch to see the back of Nithin Sunil! Hits it really hard there, Sunil, but finds the fielder on the long off and Sunil goes back after carrying the team on his back
9.3 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, OUT! Full delivery on middle stump hit to deep mid-wicket and Constantine is short of the crease on the second! Sacrifices his wicket there for Sunil and Constantine is run out at the non strikers end
9.3 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, Another wide outside leg left alone
9.3 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, wide ball sprayed down the legside
9.2 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, Full delivery on the stumps hit hard to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs
9.1 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, Misses the wild heave on a loopy full toss outside off
INDT are on 72/6 after 9 overs and need 15 runs in last 6 balls for a win. Can Shipkov defend the total or will Sunil chase down the total? 
8.6 N. Nankov to B. Constantine, Misses the full delivery past the leg stump
8.5 N. Nankov to N. Sunil, Low full toss on the pads hit to deep square for just a single
8.4 N. Nankov to N. Sunil, SIX! It was in the slot for Sunil and he smacked it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum! Gets into position early and powers it away on the leg side for a huge six
8.3 N. Nankov to N. Sunil, Tries to play a similar shot bu the ball just lobs over the bowler's head
8.2 N. Nankov to N. Sunil, FOUR! Drags the low full toss from outside off and sends it to the vacant long-on fence for a boundary! Clubs it hard and fine and it able to send the ball in the gap for a beautiful four
8.1 N. Nankov to N. Sunil, Misses the big swing on a loopy full toss outside off
INDT are on 61/6 after the 8th over as a wicket came in the over with 7 runs . INDT will need a heist to chase down the total as they need 26 runs in 12 balls. Lets see if Sunil and Constantine are able to take their team across the line
7.6 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, Gets low and sweeps one from outside off to deep mid-wicket and keeps strike
7.5 D. Shipkov to B. Constantine, Full delivery outside off swatted to deep mid-wicket for just a single
7.5 D. Shipkov to N. Sunil, A couple of bounces down the legside and the keeper allows a bye as well
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