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Medical University Sofia 185/3 (10 ov)
Indian Tuskers 87/5 (10 ov)
Medical University Sofia won by 98 runs.
Hope you all enjoyed the match coverage from us here at Sportskeeda! Do join us for the later games from the ESC Bulgaria T10 through the day. Till then, this is Pradeep Somashekar, and my partner, Sameer Deodhar signing off! Stay safe everyone!
MU Sofia beat Indian Tuskers by 98 runs!

Indian Tuskers were not in the game from the start of the first delivery of this chase, openers showed no intent and as they completely dejected. Fayyas and Romald perished early not troubling too much and Kevin George followed them soon. They were tottering at 12/3 at one stage, Akshay followed him soon and they were 4 down for not much on the board! Clix John and Nithin Sunil came to the Tuskers rescue as they took their time initially but batted well to dig their team out of a deep hole, they managed to score 15 runs off couple of overs in the middle of the innings. MU Sofia bowling proved too good for them as they had a horrid start to this chase. Clix John and Nithin Sunil stitched a 50 run partnership. Bipin Gattapur broke their partnership to send Clix back to the dug out in the final over of the chase! All in all an all round performance from MU Sofia meant Indian Tuskers go down by 99 runs and that means Tuskers have just one match left and they just need to play for their pride as they are already out of the knock outs! 

MU Sofia have bolstered their batting and just showed what they are capable of today and the team that they meet in the knock out will be wary of this.
9.6 B. Gattapur to N. Sunil, Misses the slog on a full delivery outside off
9.5 B. Gattapur to N. Sunil, Fails to connect the late cut outside off
9.5 B. Gattapur to N. Sunil, wide ball outside off
9.4 B. Gattapur to N. Sunil, Gets the short ball to nick Sunil's pads on its way to the keeper
9.3 B. Gattapur to C. John, OUT! Short ball outside off lofted to covers and John has to walk back!
9.2 B. Gattapur to C. John, FOUR! Low full toss on the stumps smashed to deep mid-wicket for four runs!
9.2 B. Gattapur to C. John, wide ball outside off
9.1 B. Gattapur to N. Sunil, Taps the length ball into the off-side and gets off-strike
Good over for Tuskers once again, not losing any more wickets and scoring 8 runs off it! Final over coming up!

TUS are 80/4 after 9 overs!
8.6 H. Yusuf to C. John, FOUR! Cuts the length ball past extra cover to earn a boundary!
8.5 H. Yusuf to N. Sunil, Waits for the full delivery on the backfoot and pushes it to covers for a single
8.4 H. Yusuf to N. Sunil, Swing and a miss on the half-volley outside off
8.3 H. Yusuf to C. John, Gets a leading edge on the full toss towards mid-wicket and completes the single
8.2 H. Yusuf to N. Sunil, Full delivery on the stumps hoicked to backward point for a single
8.2 H. Yusuf to N. Sunil, Above waist-high full toss down the leg, called no ball!
8.1 H. Yusuf to N. Sunil, Misses the push on a length ball on fourth stump line that swings away just a tad bit
Nisarg Shah came back and he was struggling with the line in that over, few extras and conceded a maximum and a boundary as well! Tuskers managing to get 15 runs from it!

TUS are 72/4 after 8 overs!
7.6 N. Shah to C. John, FOUR! Tries to replicate the heave on a full ball on the stumps and earns a boundary because of the misfield
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