SMI 35/6 (5 ov)
Indiska CC 36/3 (4.5 ov)
Indiska CC won by 7 wickets
INDCC finishing the match with 7 wickets in hand and one delivery remaining. As speculated at the change of the innings, D Dey proves to be the difference between the two sides. Keeps his composure and finishes the match with 20 off 11 deliveries. Tough luck for SMI who are still looking for their first win of the tournament.
Another thrilling match in the end and that's it from our side. Until next time, my partner Kartik Iyer and I Abhinav Singh signing off. Stay safe and keep washing your hands. See you all on the other side. Chheers fellas!
4.5 R Dhage to R Kumar, single and they achieve the target.
4.4 R Dhage to R Kumar, two runs to deep extra cover. The batsmen hits it well and INDCC will not lose the match for sure
3 required off 3 and D Dey is away from the strike, 
4.3 R Dhage to K Patel, clean bowled trying to sweep the ball. Oh boy! A wicket and D Dey off the strike! Late twist to the match?
4.2 R Dhage to D Dey, quick single taken. Strike Rotated, the onus is on Patel now, rotate the strike Mr. Patel
4.2 R Dhage to D Dey, wide down the leg side. Poor poor delivery! 4 from 5 deliveries now
4.1 R Dhage to D Dey, played to long-off for a couple. D Dey strikes it down and runs really hard toc ome back for a two
6 balls remaining and INDCC require 7 to win the match. D Dey might have to play the whole over. The first three deliveries will hold the key for SMI
3.6 A Donagre to K Patel, beaten outside off stump. Another dot, OH my!
3.5 A Donagre to G Singh, beaten again and Singh is run out. Very poor cricket from Gurinder! There was no need for that run. INDCC have the match in their hands
3.4 A Donagre to G Singh, beaten outside off stump.
3.3 A Donagre to G Singh, lofted straight down the ground for a couple. Singh strikes it straight but the ball does not have the legs to get over the fence
Down to the single figures, 9 from 10 for INDCC to win the match
3.2 A Donagre to D Dey, driven to extra cover for a single. Easy as you like, plays it down the cover region
3.1 A Donagre to D Dey, cut to thirdman for a couple. D Dey finds the gap again! The man is playing with the bowling now
12 required from 12. INDCC 24/1, D Dey should close out the match for good now
2.6 S Kale to D Dey, straight driven for a single.
2.5 S Kale to D Dey, lofted over long-off for a six. D Dey shows his mettle with a lusty blow. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Last ball was a wicket
WHAT A CATCH! In these slippery conditions, the fielder has produced a moment of brilliance, will the catch turn the complexion of the match? Remember the age old adage--Catches win matches!
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