83/6 (10)
74/10 (9.4)
INC won by 9 runs.
Indiska - 83/6 in 10 overs (Arijit Ghosh 26 off 15 balls, Vikrant Goel 2/18 in 2 overs) beat Stockholm Titans - 74 all out in 9.4 overs (Arun Pandey 35 off 26 balls, Gurvinder Singh 3/4 in 2 overs) by 9 runs with 2 balls to spare. 

This was an innings filled with action, sometimes for the wrong reasons, and sometimes for sheer interest and excitement, as Indiska get thier first win of the tournament to stay alive. 

The ninth over the innings bowled by Gurvinder Singh turned out to be the difference, as before that, no matter what, Stockholm Titans had their chances of winning, despite not quite being able to cash in on the plethora of lives offered to them by the Indiska fielders. But the ninth over saw two crazy run outs and two more wickets by the left-arm spinner, including a good caught and bowled, that changed the complexion of the match. 

Arunkumaran Murugesan and Sushant Kadam did try to win it in the last over but there was too much to do for them, as Indiska won it by bowling them out.

Manish Jamwal, the Indiska wicket-keeper, who otherwise had a terrible time behind the stumps, was involved in three crucial dismissals in the end, that helped his team win. But on the whole, the catching, the ground fielding and the wicket-keeping need improvements in leaps and bounds for Indiska going forward. Stockholm need to get their acts together for the next game taking place in a bit.

That is it for this match from the Norsborg Cricket Ground, but stay tuned to more ECS Sweden, Stockholm action coming up later in the day on Sportskeeda! This is the pair of Pradeep and Bidipto, saying good bye!
9.4 Tanzim Thobhani to Arunkumaran Murugesan, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! The stumps are all over the place, Tanzim finishes things up as he cleans up Arunkumar and Indiska pick up their crucial two points and keeps their hopes alive in qualifying to the quarter-finals. Full and straight this time, Arun looks to hoick but misses, goes through and that rattles the stumps.

Arunkumaran Murugesan b Tanzim Thobani 4 (2) (1x4)
The match is not over yet! 
9.3 Tanzim Thobhani to Arunkumaran Murugesan, FOUR MORE! Alright, this game is not over certainly, Arunkumar has other ideas. Length delivery on the off-stump, Arun heaves it to deep mid-wicket and picks up another boundary. 10 off 3 needed now!
9.2 Tanzim Thobhani to Sushant Kadam, slightly short on the off-stump, Sushant on the backfoot drags it into the on-side and picks up a single.
9.1 Tanzim Thobhani to Sushant Kadam, FOUR! Full delivery on the leg-stump, Sushant swings hard but gets the inside edge, down to fine-leg for a boundary.
Tanzim Thobani, right-arm medium, is in to bowl.

This over has turned the match on its head! Gurvinder Singh has almost sealed the deal as far as winning this match is concerned! 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Gurvinder Singh
8.6 Gurvinder Singh to Sushant Kadam, loops a short delivery on the fourth stump, Sushant on the backfoot cuts it to covers and picks up a quick single.
8.5 Gurvinder Singh to Sushant Kadam, drops it short on the middle and leg, Sushant on the backfoot defends it into the on-side.
Hat-trick ball coming up!

Sushant Kadam, RHB, 
is at the crease.
8.4 Gurvinder Singh to Nagendra Siddoutam, OUT! FOUR WICKETS IN A ROW FOR INDISKA! Length delivery on the outside off, Nagendra reaches for it and slaps it straight back to the bowler, Gurvinder has great reflexes as he holds on to it!

Nagendra Siddoutam c and b Gurvinder Singh 0 (1)
Nagendra Siddoutam, RHB, is at the crease. 
8.3 Gurvinder Singh to Ramraj Nadar, OUT! KNOCKED HIM OVER! What is going on here? Length delivery on the off-stump, Nadar down on one knee to sweep but misses, goes through the gates and crashes into the stumps and Ramraj departs for a golden duck!

Ramraj Nadar b Gurvinder Singh 0 (1)
Arunkumaran Murugesan, RHB, is at the crease.
8.2 Gurvinder Singh to Jitendra Yadav, RUN-OUT! This is utter chaos in the middle here, another one bites the dust. Length delivery on the leg-stump, Yadav whips it to deep square-leg, they pick up a single but Yadav wants the second so desperately as he's not seen Ramraj signaling that he's not coming back, he kept running and the two batters stranded at the striker's end, throw comes to the bowler who does the rest.

Jitendra Yadav run out (Manish Jamwal/Gurvinder Singh) 4 (3)
Ramraj Nadar, RHB, is at the crease. 
8.1 Gurvinder Singh to Jitendra Yadav, OH! RUN-OUT! Good length on the outside off, Yadav goes to sweep as he shuffles across and misses, huge shout for lbw but turned down, Yadav takes off late to steal a single, the keeper passes it to the bowler who does the rest and Yadav has to go as he finds himself well short in the end!

Arun Pandey run out (Manish Jamwal/Gurvinder Singh) 35 (26) (3x4, 1x6)
Gurvinder Singh [1.0-0-2-1] is back to bowl.

Sachin Sharma mixed things up pretty well in this over and kept the batters guessing. So much so that he almost got a wicket of a pretty innocuous delivery! But once again, a keeping error, and once again, a costly keeping error! Another misstumping! If Stockholm still cannot make use of all these, they may not get better chances!
63 /5 score
cricket bat icon Arun Pandey
35 (25)
cricket bat icon Jitendra Kumar *
3 (2)
cricket ball icon Sachin Sharma
1 /8