108/4 (12)
111/3 (9.2)
IND won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Yuzvendra Chahal
Well, India were overwhelming favorites at the start of the series and they've left no doubts as to why that was the case. Hardik Pandya won the toss and the game on his T20I captaincy debut. Bet he'll be delighted with that, of course. Despite the result, there are plenty of boxes to be ticked for India as they build-up to the T20 World Cup. As for Ireland, this series is a good chance for them to test where they stand against one of the world's best sides. While the result didn't go their way, there were plenty of positives they can take into the next game. Speaking of which, the next game comes around in a couple of days in time with the second T20I to be played at the same venue on Tuesday. That's all for now though. We hope your enjoyed our coverage as much as we bringing it to you. This is the duo of Pratyush and Soorya signing off for now. Goodnight!
Hardik Pandya (India Captain): (Feels) Fantastic obviously. Great to start the series with a win. We were very fortunate to get a game. For us as a team it was very important to start off with a win. Umran's been fantastic for his franchise and I had a chat with him - he's more comfortable with the older ball. The way Ireland were then batting towards the end we decided against bowling his second over. Hopefully in the next game he'll bowl more. (On Ireland's batting performance) They batted really well - it's great to see this kind of talent coming through and Harry (Tector) is just 22. He could carry the team forward in the future and I wish him very well.
Andrew Balbirnie (Ireland captain): It's never easy (with the rain around). You want to get into it after the warmups but it wasn't the case today. Credit to the ground staff to allow us a game today. We weren't able to get a solid start to lay the platform but I have to say Tector was sensational. We were good and bad in patches but a lot more of it was bad. There's belief in that batting lineup. If you do that against a good team like India, you will be punished. Harry has been in great form in ODI cricket and that's what he did here as well. He got in, took his time, and does what he does.
Yuzvendra Chahal is the Player of the Match for his miserly returns of 1/11 off 3 overs: (How tough was it bowling in this cold weather?) Very difficult. Today I felt as though I was a finger-spinner. Sometimes it's hard but in international cricket you have to adapt to different conditions. Hardik gave confidence to bowl whatever I wanted to bowl. The atmosphere is a chill one. I'm not okay (in this cold) - I'm wearing three layers (grins).
Bhuvneshwar Kumar: There was a bit of swing. It got better after 5-6 overs. If you bowl in the right area, we were getting quite a bit out of it. It doesn't matter what the format is. If you get this kind of a wicket, it's always nice to bowl that Test match length and let the pitch do the rest. (On the excitement in the dressing room) Umran made his debut today and there are a few more who will. IPL is a brilliant platform for not only the Indian players but the internationals as well. (On playing in Ireland) That's the best part about playing with the Indian side. You get support everywhere you go.
India win by 7 wickets

Deepak Hooda - 47* (29) | Yuzvendra Chahal - 1/11
Harry Tector - 64* (33) | Craig Young - 2/18

We had to wait quite a bit for the game to get underway but boy, once it did, didn't it deliver? It seemed like Ireland were tailing off towards an embarrassing loss but Harry Tector wasn't ready to throw in the towel. His half-century single-handled helped Ireland get to a respectable target but the bowling unit didn't have enough firepower against this Indian batting line-up.

Despite having a new opening partner, Kishan raced off the blocks in his usual fashion to set the tone for India. His new opening partner, Hooda got off to a watchful start but kicked into gear effectively soon after. Young broke this game open in the powerplay after Kishan's blitz, dismissing the southpaw and his Mumbai Indians teammate SKY in consecutive deliveries. 

However, Pandya and Hooda steadied the ship to ensure there weren't any jitters. While the skipper played an enterprising knock, he couldn't stay in till the end. Hooda, though, carried his bat till the end to record his highest score in T20Is to ensure India seal a seven-wicket victory to take a one-nil lead in this series.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Yuzvendra Chahal were the ones that stood out with the ball, while Umran Malik got only a solitary over on debut. Also, we might get an update on Gaikwad, so stick around for the presentation!
9.2 Joshua Little to Deepak Hooda, FOUR! SEALED IN STYLE! Overpitched just outside the line of off and Hooda arches deep in his crease to stay low and carve it with all power past point before it rockets to the fence like a tracer bullet. It's been a canter all the way for the visitors; India beat Ireland by 7 wickets and go 1-0 up in the series!
9.1 Joshua Little to Deepak Hooda, FOUR! TOO GOOD! He's grown in stature through the course of this knock! Length delivery from around the wicket. Lands outside off and Hooda stands tall to get on top of the bounce for the most sumptuous punch into the gap along the covers. Two fielders give the chase but can only retrieve the ball from the ropes!
India are one hit away from victory now. Despite Ireland's best efforts, the visitors have proved to be too much for them in this shortened encounter. India on the brink of taking a one-nil lead in this two-match series.
103 /3 score
cricket bat icon Deepak Hooda
39 (27)
cricket bat icon Dinesh Karthik *
5 (4)
cricket ball icon Connor Olphert
0 /18
8.6 Conor Olphert to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! FAST WRISTS! Yet again, the extra delivery proves too costly for Ireland! On a good length outside off, width on offer and Karthik crashes it with a wristy cut past backward point as he picks out the ropes. 100 up for India!
8.6 Conor Olphert to Dinesh Karthik, WIDE! This one's a wide alright - on a good length and slanting down leg past DK's glance. Good stop by the keeper.
8.5 Conor Olphert to Dinesh Karthik, shapes away well outside off on a length and surprise surprise - DK shoulders arms. He expected that to be called a wide, going by his reaction.
8.4 Conor Olphert to Deepak Hooda, back of a length delivery just around the off-stump, Hooda chops it onto his toes off the back foot before Karthik hares across to complete a quick single by the time Olphert gets to the ball.
8.3 Conor Olphert to Dinesh Karthik, full and slanting into the pads, Karthik clips it firmly to deep square leg as he gets underway with a single.
8.3 Conor Olphert to Dinesh Karthik, WIDE! Pounded into the deck wide of off, Karthik sticks his bat out before a half-withdrawal ensues. Too wide on height and line!
8.2 Conor Olphert to Dinesh Karthik, very full and shaping into the off-stump, Karthik gets across for a straight-batted push down the pitch.
8.1 Conor Olphert to Deepak Hooda, back of a length delivery outside off, Hooda stands his ground before guiding it with an open face towards deep point. Brings DK on strike!
Chants of "DK! DK! DK!" as Dinesh Karthik, RHB, comes to the crease