92/8 (10)
87/9 (10)
Fin won by 5 runs.
What a win, what a win for Finland! They have won this match by 5 runs and gone past Italy in the points table! They have come out on top and avoided the bottom position of the table where currently Italy sit with no victories to their name.

It was the constant wicket-taking that helped Finland defend this sub-par total. They used seven bowlers in total and five of them delivered with wickets. Peter Gallagher and Mahesh Tambe were the most impressive of the lot. They combined together for five wickets in their four overs. Hariharan Danddapani and Raaz Mohammad were the only ones who failed to take any wickets but Finland wouldn't care about that as long as they take home those two points.

Italy should be very disappointed with this batting display. They had no batter who could get going for them. Hassan Ahmad scored 25 runs off just 15 deliveries but that was it. No other batter could cross 12. This was a complete case of hit and miss where most of the batters would just come and depart after a couple of strokes.
87 /9 score
cricket bat icon Jorawar Singh
9 (3)
cricket bat icon Damith Kosala *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Mahesh Balasaheb Tambe
3 /18
9.6 Mahesh Tambe to Damith Kosala, short delivery, Damith pulls it behind square for a single. However, Italy fall short by five runs!!!
And that will be the final nail in the coffin for Italy! Mahes Tambe once again comes to the clutch. 7 needed off the final delivery and we will need the number 11 to hit a maximum to tie.
9.5 Mahesh Tambe to Jaspreet Singh, short delivery, Jaspreet comes down and pulls it straight to deep mid-wicket where the fielder takes a sharp catch. WICKET!!
9.4 Mahesh Tambe to Jorawar Singh, short delivery, Jorawar pulls it to deep square-leg for a single
WOAH! What do we have here now? Jorawar Singh has brought back some life in the Italy camp as he slogs one hard! 8 from 2 now.
9.3 Mahesh Tambe to Jorawar Singh, WOW!!! WOW!! Slow full-toss, Jorawar slogs it over deep square-leg for a maximum. SIX!!!
9.2 Mahesh Tambe to Jorawar Singh, length delivery, Jorawar tries to pull but he top-edges it towards third-man for a couple of runs
OH NO! That might be it! That might just be the game for Finland! Mahesh Tambe's slower ball has done the trick and Italy can feel that the end is here. 
9.1 Mahesh Tambe to Muhammad Imran, slow and short, Imran looks to pull but he skies it. Tambe takes a couple of steps to his left and completes a simple return catch. WICKET!
Well, well. Excellent ending from Raaz Mohammad. The low full tosses were hard to decode and now Italy need 16 off the final over. All down to Jaspreet Singh and Muhammad Imran now!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Muhammad Imran-2
8.6 Raaz Mohammad to Muhammad Imran, yorker, Imran digs it to long-on for a single 
8.5 Raaz Mohammad to Jaspreet Singh, low full-toss, Jaspreet digs it straight down the ground for a single
8.4 Raaz Mohammad to Muhammad Imran, full-toss, Imran plays it to deep mid-wicket for a single
8.3 Raaz Mohammad to Jaspreet Singh, yorker outside-off, Jaspreet digs it to long-off for a single
20 from 10 now!
8.2 Raaz Mohammad to Jaspreet Singh, full delivery, Jaspreet inside-edges it to fine-leg for a boundary. FOUR!!
8.1 Raaz Mohammad to Muhammad Imran, full on the stumps, Imran drives it to long-on for a single