111/5 (10)
112/7 (10)
GER won by 3 wickets
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Germany were nearly out of the chase as they were struggling at 35/3 after 5 overs of their chase. At that stage, even the Germans would not have thought that they could have won the match. But that is the beauty of cricket one never knows when things turn. The runs started to come thick and fast from the seventh over and it was one-way traffic from that point onwards. The star of Germany's thrilling chase is Rohit Singh as he remained unconquered on 57 from 23 balls. Short cameos from Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzei and Fayaz Khan Nasseri did help Germany's cause. Rahimzei scored 14 from 8 balls and Nasseri hit 12 runs from just 4 deliveries. It all boiled down to the last over of the chase as 12 runs were needed from 6 balls. The last over was a story in itself. Amir Sharif was given the responsibility to bowl the most important over of the contest. Sharif gave away just 3 runs from the first two balls and picked up a wicket of Fayaz Nasseri. Husnain Kabeer then walks to the middle hit a four and got out. Finn Sadaragani was then in the thick of the action but he got out on the first ball of his innings. It meant Germany needed 6 runs from the last ball on the match with Sharif on a hat-trick. A lot was riding on the last delivery of the match and Sreekesh Srinivas blasted the last delivery over backward point to seal the match for Germany. 

Earlier, Italy finished with 111/5 from 10 overs. Winning the toss, the German skipper opted to bowl first but he would have expected much better from his bowlers. Germany started well as they picked the wicket of opener Manoj Roodrigo in just the first over of the innings. But the other opener Hassan Ahmad scored a brisk 20 to give his team a fast start. Italy's middle-order was solid as Baljit Singh scored a quickfire 32 from 13 balls. Then Amir Sharif blasted 24 from 8 deliveries and Ammad Khan remained not-out on 20 from 13 balls.  Italy kept losing wickets at regular intervals but the batters made sure that the fall of the wickets did not affect the run rate as they kept fetching boundaries to keep the scoreboard moving. Fayaz Khan Nasseri was the pick of the bowlers from Germany as he picked 2 wickets for just 20 runs from his 2 overs. There was a wicket for each of Shahir Malikzai, Sreekesh Srinivas and Rohit Singh. 
112 /7 score
cricket bat icon Rohit Singh
57 (25)
cricket bat icon Sreekesh Srinivas *
6 (1)
cricket ball icon Amir Sharif
4 /19
9.6 Amir Sharif to Sreekesh Srinivas, THAT HAS GONE UP AND CLEARS THE ROPES!! WOW!! Short ball into Srinivas, he rocks back and tires to pull this away but gets the top edge which flies away over third man for a maximum!! OHH what a game!!
6 needed of 1 ball. And Also Sharif is on a Hat-trick! A lot riding on the last delivery of the match. 
9.5 Amir Sharif to Finn Sadaragani, KNOCKED HIM OVER!! Full and straight on the stumps, Finn comes down the track and misses it. The ball goes through the gate and crashes onto the stumps. Still, 6 needed from the final ball now!!

Finn Sadaragani b A Sharif 0 (1b x 0x4 0x6)
Sreekeesh Srinivas walks out to bat, 
F. Sadarangani walks out to bat. 
Kabeer went for the glory shot but holed a straight down the throat of the man at deep mid-wicket. Germany need 6 runs in 2 balls. We just don't know what will happen!!!!!
9.4 Amir Sharif to Husnain Kabeer, IN THE AIR.....AND TAKEN IN THE DEEP!! Full and straight on the stumps. Kabeer gets deep and heaves this away towards deep mid-wicket. The sweeper in the deep runs to his right and completes the catch!

Husnain Kabeer c M Imran b A Sharif 4 (2b 1x4 0x6)
How about that! Kabeer opens his account with a four. This match is giving us all the thrillsss!!!!!!!
9.3 Amir Sharif to Husnain Kabeer, WOW!! COURAGEOUS!!  Full and just outside off, Kabeer steps across towards off and scoops this away towards fine leg, and finds the boundary on the bounce. Down to 6 needed in 3 now!!
Husnain Kabeer walks out to bat. 
9.2 Amir Sharif to Fayaz Nasseri, CAUGHT!! Full and angling in, Fayaz creates room and swings for the fences but slices this away towards covers where Ahmad pouches it.

Fayaz Nasseri c H Ahmad b A Sharif 12 (4b 3x4 0x6)
9.2 Amir Sharif to Fayaz Nasseri, WIDE!! Full and angling down the leg this one. Down to 10 runs needed in 5 balls!!
Gem of delivery from Sharif as he gives only a single and more importantly Rohit is away from the strike. 
9.1 Amir Sharif to Rohit Singh, full and angling down in the blockhole, Singh manages to some part of the bat on it. The ball rolls away towards on-side and he takes one. Down 11 off 5 now!!
Amir Sharif has been asked to bowl the most important over for Italy. 
17 runs off it!!!!!! Another great over for Germany. The equation now stands like this. Germany need 12 runs from the last 6 balls of the match. Rohit Singh will be on strike. He has blasted 56 from 24 balls.