Janjua Brescia Cricket Club won by 4 wickets
Janjua Brescia Cricket Club manages to stay unbeaten in this tournament as they win this one by 4 wickets and 7 balls to spare!

It indeed turned out to be a low scoring thriller as Rome Bangla Cricket Club managed to get the wickets needed but probably were 10-20 runs short. The Janjua Brescia Cricket Club batters today didn't look in the finest of forms as they were all over the place while chasing this total as they kept losing their wickets for nothing shots throughout. Fortunately for them, Abdul Rehman scored 19 runs in the first half of the innings but even he persisted, and at the halfway mark Janjua Brescia Cricket Club were 41 for the loss of 4 wickets and it looked like Roma Bangla Cricket Club could pull off the miracle.

Then in the second half of the innings for Janjua Brescia Cricket Club was the only batter overall who looked in good nick and managed to get the much-needed runs and score a quickfire 29 runs in just 12 balls but unfortunately, could not finish it off for side as he was searching for glory but got Janjua Brescia Cricket Club closer to the total. After Bachittar Singh departed Muhammad Saqib managed close the match as he managed to score 17 runs in 8 balls he faced.

For Roma Bangla Cricket Club, Ahmed MD Rahat was the most expensive bowler as he conceded 33 runs but also was the one who took the most wickets, by adding a couple to his name. Other bowlers apart from Sharif SM Raihan managed to get 1 wicket each!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Janjua Brescia Cricket Club and Roma Bangla Cricket Club. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
8.5 SM Raihan to M. Saqib, Cuts one past point and takes the winning run!
8.4 SM Raihan to M. Saqib, Sweeps the full delivery to mid-wicket for another dot ball Still the scores are tied on 90!
8.3 SM Raihan to M. Saqib, Brings out the late cut to short thirdman, but doesn't get the run
8.2 SM Raihan to S. Ali, Swivels the length ball on off-stump to the left of the square leg to bring back Saqib on strike, scores are now leveled!
8.1 SM Raihan to S. Ali, Misses the drive on a full ball and the keeper misses the stumping chance!
At the end of the 8th over JJB are 89/6. They now need just 2 runs from 2 overs to win this game! RBCC in this over get the key wicket of B Singh but looks like were a bit late as the damage was already done, later Saqib took the charge and hit the big six and has neutralised the pressure created dues to Singh's loss!
7.6 D. Tinusha to M. Saqib, Steps out and drives it wide of long-off and scampers back for the second!
7.5 D. Tinusha to M. Saqib, SIX! Picks up the full delivery on the pads over deep square leg for six runs! The target is only a big hit away now!
Suleman Ali is the new batsman in for JJB!
7.4 D. Tinusha to B. Singh, OUT! Steps out and lofts the full delivery to the man running in from long-on! And RBCC gets a big wicket and the game gets more exciting now! Still, 10 runs needed from here!
7.3 D. Tinusha to B. Singh, Similar ball, similar shot, same result
7.2 D. Tinusha to B. Singh, Swing and a miss on the full delivery close to the wide line outside off
7.1 D. Tinusha to B. Singh, FOUR! The top-edge on the slog runs away to the thirdman fence for a boundary!
At the end of the 7th over JJB are 77/5. JJB now need 14 runs in 18 balls at 4.66 RPO! B Singh playing the most crucial knocks for his and would to get his side through from here by staying there till the end!
6.6 MD Rahat to B. Singh, Drives the full delivery outside off to covers to keep strike
6.5 MD Rahat to M. Saqib, Low full toss on the stumps slashed hard to deep mid-wicket along the ground for a single
6.5 MD Rahat to B. Singh, Leaves the wide ball outside off and the keeper allows a bye as well
6.4 MD Rahat to B. Singh, SIX! Smacks the full delivery outside off the fielders at deep mid-wicket and long-off watch it sail over the cow corner fence for another biggie!
6.3 MD Rahat to M. Saqib, Low full toss is driven to long-on to rotate the strike and gets the main man Singh back on strike!
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