Jharkhand Women 254/6 (50 ov)
Karnataka Women 234/10 (46 ov)
Jharkhand Women won by 20 runs.
So, Jharkhand win this match by 20 runs and qualify for the Semi-finals!

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As the required runs were brought down to 23 runs in 30 balls, Monica Karnataka's key batswoman tried to take on the attack of the medium-pacer Ashwini and lost her wicket. The medium-pacer was brought on replacing the spinner and she pulled the curtains on Karnataka's hopes to reach the finals. She got the final wicket in that over which sealed the match.
Karnataka still needed 47 runs in 48 balls and had just 2 wickets in hand. Monica and Chandu the new batswoman played some fearless cricket as they looked to take on the bowlers in these final overs. They found the crucial boundaries as well as rotated the strike to keep the required run rate in check.
Monica Patel and Akanksha Kohli were out in the middle for Karnataka, the duo stitched a 16 runs partnership but took a lot of deliveries in trying to conserve their wicket. As the required run rate started to creep up, Akanksha (11 of 18) decides to go big but lost her wicket too.
Veda single-handedly was scoring the runs for her side and as it looked she would be able to pull it off, she lost her wicket as well in trying to find a 3rd boundary in the over. Karnataka still needed 63 runs in 78 balls but after the loss of Veda, their tail was exposed.
Two new batters VR Vanitha and Veda Krishnamurthy were at the crease for Karnataka. The explosive duo were kept quiet for a few overs and soon they started to find the boundaries. Vanitha the aggressor of the two did not last much longer as she lost her wicket in trying to find more boundaries.
Soon after the 100 runs partnership, Divya who was inching closer to her half-century as well lost her wicket on 48 runs in trying to reach her half-century with a boundary. Jharkhand clawed back into this match as their skipper Niharika was able to pluck the big wicket of Shubha in the following over.
Later on, Shubha was able to reach her half-century and showed no time of stopping. Divya as well was complimenting her partner. The partnership between Shubha and Divya reached another milestone as they built a 100 runs stand between them.
Jharkhand introduced their spinner later on but Shubha and Divya continued to play their shots and motored the score along nicely for Karnataka. The duo was able to stitch together a 50 runs partnership and really got their side back on track in this run chase.
As the two were trying to rebuild the inning, Ashwani once struck and cleaned up Karnataka skipper Krishnappa just for 7 runs. Gnanananda Divya then came out to the middle for Karnataka. Shubha continued to good look and alongside her, Divya was able to find the boundaries too.
Coming in to chase the target of 255 runs, Karnataka openers came out to the middle. Karnataka did not have the best of starts as they lost the early wicket of Prathyoosha Kumar for a 0. Satheesh Shubha and Krishnappa Rakshitha then started rebuilding the inning for their side.
The bowling change does the trick for Jharkhand as Ashwani the medium-pacer got the big wicket of Monica Patel who scored 26 runs. And to clean up the Karnataka innings, she got the wicket of Sahana just at the final ball of that over. Karanataka fall 21 runs short of the target and Jharkhand march on into the Semi-finals!
45.6 Ashwani Kumari to Sahana Pawar, OUT! That's the final nail in the coffin! Good length ball nipping back in, she goes across the line trying to clip it away off the pads, misses the bat and gets hit on the pad. Not sure if it was the best of the decisions, but Jharkhand won't complain
45.5 Ashwani Kumari to Chandu V, short of a length outside the off-stump, guides it late to thirdman for a single
45.4 Ashwani Kumari to Chandu V, full ball outside the off-stump, mistimes the drive and the ball bounces just before the fielder at covers
The final batswoman Shana Pawar is walking out to the middle for Karnataka! They are still 22 runs away from the target.
45.3 Ashwani Kumari to Monica Patel, OUT! That's the end of the counter-attacking innings from Monica. She charges at the bowler and tries to go over mid-off but gets the toe end of the bat. The ball goes straight up in the air and the fielder at covers takes the easiest of catches
45.2 Ashwani Kumari to Monica Patel, short of a length, zoots across the surface bouncing marginally over the ankle. Lucky that the ball wasn't on the stumps
45.1 Ashwani Kumari to Chandu V, length ball on top of the stumps, plays it with soft hands on the off-side and scampers through for a single
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