Brescia Cricket Club won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Muhammad Amir Jafri
Brescia CC beats Jinnah Brescia by eight wickets and 25 balls to spare!

What a chase this has been by the Brescia CC batsmen! It was all about Muhammad Jafri with the bat as he smashed a 27-ball 76. He hit eight sixes to go along with his four boundaries, which absolutely decimated the opposition bowlers.

Not even Muhammad Imran had an answer to Jafri's onslaught with Imad Khan playing second fiddle. Sukhwinder Singh and Rukhsar Ahmed did nail a wicket each but they simply couldn't get the better of Jafri. Although there was a tough chance presented by Jafri in the third over, it was that kind of a day for Jinnah Brescia, who were sub-par with bat and ball!

However, Jinnah Brescia need not wait too long for revenge with both these sides playing each other once again later today. Can they exact revenge upon Mohammad Jafri and co? We'll have to wait. Until then, you can keep up with the ECS action with the next match starting in about 30 mins time. Until then, this is Dwijesh along with my colleague Soorya signing off. Good Bye and Take Care!
Over: 6 | Summary: 6 0 6 1 1 Bowler: Ahmed Nisar Score: 0/0
5.5 Nisar Ahmed to Babar Hussain, DROPPED! SUMS UP THE DAY FOR JINNAH BRESCIA! Flighted full around off, chipped to the left of the bowler who spills it and lets it through him towards long off as Babar struts across to complete the winning run. Talk about an annihilation and this has been one alright - Brescia CC win by 8 wickets with 25 deliveries to spare!
5.4 Nisar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, on a length outside off, pushed towards cover point for a single as Jafri levels the scores!
5.3 Nisar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, SIX! OH DEAR! A high full toss outside off, Jafri decides to heave it over long on; such is his power that he manages to clear the ropes on this occasion as well! WOW!
5.2 Nisar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, no run, back of a length and flighted outside off, beats Jafri on the cut!
5.1 Nisar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, SIX! Starts with a tossed up delivery in the slot outside off, Jafri waits for it and lifts it powerfully over long off. Jafri is finishing it off in no time here!
Nisar Ahmed is the new bowler!
Another one goes by and Brescia now needs only 14 runs off 30! Last rites remain now!
Over: 5 | Summary: 6 6 1 W 1 0 Bowler: Ahmed Rukhsar Score: 77/2
4.6 Rukhsar Ahmed to Babar Hussain, on a fullish length outside off, squeezes it out to short third man as the ball drops short of him!
4.5 Rukhsar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, full at the stumps, helicopters it from the crease towards deep mid-wicket for a single
Babar Hussain is the new batsman!
4.4 Rukhsar Ahmed to Yasir Nawaz, OUT! GONE FIRST BALL! Nawaz, much like Imad, was just ball watching from the non-striker's end and the first ball he receives is a short one at the stumps which he pulls over backward square leg; ends up spooning it into the hands of the fielder in the deep!
4.3 Rukhsar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, fired very full near the yorker length around off, gets across and drills it along the long on region for a single
4.2 Rukhsar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, SIX! JAFRI IS ON SONG! Short at the stumps, he gets across to pull it behind square on the leg-side before clearing the ropes by a distance!
4.1 Rukhsar Ahmed to Muhammad Jafri, SIX! THIS IS JAFRI UNLEASHED! Too full outside off, Jafri simply eases into an aerial drive way over extra cover; they are doing it in a canter now! 
Rukhsar Ahmed is the new bowler!
Despite the wicket of Imad Khan, Muhammad Jafri hasn't slowed down with a maximum off the penultimate ball! It only seems like a matter of time before Brescia CC wrap up a convincing win today!

Brescia CC needs 28 runs off 36 balls!
Over: 4 | Summary: 1w 1w 6 0 W 0 1w 6 1 Bowler: Sukhwinder Singh-I Score: 63/1
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