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Karachi Kings 196/3 (20 ov)
Islamabad United 197/5 (19.1 ov)
Islamabad United won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Alex Hales
Karachi definitely had 200 on the cards, but ended up falling short of it, which was still a lot on the board, but the grit and determination from Islamabad was enough for their batsmen to chase down one of the highest totals of the tournament. An overall breath-taking game this one, both top class team, boosting of quality, and they did not fail to impress. But sadly, that's all from here with Islamabad coming out on top. So after this nail biter, have some water, kiss your loved ones, and sleep tight. We have been Ankit and Bala, calling it a night. 
What a game of cricket we've had today, absolutely beautiful in all aspects. It had a high first innings total, it had some dropped catches, it had more than a few chases, and then it had one of the best chases in T20. Three of the top order batsmen failing to make a significant contribution, but then the lower middle order coming out and making a mockery of the bowling that took the early wickets. Hales set the stage on fire with Faheem before both departed quickly, then came in Taulat and Iftikhar, who played one of their best innings surely, picking the right deliveries to score off, keeping the run rate going with singles and twos, adding pressure on the bowlers, building up a formidable partnership, and then to add the icing walked in Asif Ali, who cared not one bit and took the attack from the first ball. Dispatched the opponent's best bowler, and made it look easy in doing so. 
Shadab Khan (winning captain): I want to thank god we won, even if I was expensive, I'm happy the others contributed and we made it through. I haven't really done well in both the games so I want to contribute more in the coming games. Last match it was batting, our issue and this game the bowling and fielding was sloppy, but luckily we have a good team so are winning, but going forward the fewer mistakes we make the better it is for us. Faheem's form is formidable and we need to use it, especially with his form from international cricket, he's been constantly performing with the bat and ball., so we wanted to sue that, and again Iftikhar, Taulat and Asif, the way they finished was brilliant so hats off to them.
Moment of the match & Player of the match: Alex Hales: It was a really big chase, so I thought we have to have a strong start. The pitch was getting slower, and it was my aim to attack and get the run rate below 10. I think the pitch got tougher with the new ball and it started spinning a lot, so it makes our chase more impressive. We were really confident, we have had two vert good wins and to chase such  big total with the middle order guys contributing is a goof sign. I hate to drop catches but lost mu way a little bit while doing so, so tried to make it up with the bat. 

Imad Wasim (losing captain): I think it was a good game, we were short 20-30 runs, but it was a god game. Hales was very good in the powerplay that set the tone for them. Nabi was introduced once the ball started turning and hence kept him for the 18th over because he was the best. Disappointed to come up 20 runs short at the end of our batting innings, but its a long tournament and we'll surely be back stronger next time. The class we showed and the game we played is good and a lot of positives to take. Everything pretty much went to plan, barring a couple of overs that went out of our hands but overall we had a good game.
Asif Ali: Coach was giving the plan to me, asking me to go after all the balls I get to face. I was focusing, and aiming to go after everything. No one tried to go after Nabi bhai, but I came in and went away straight away because of the off spine coming into the stumps. Our combinations are good, so we take that confidence with us, with an overall good team, and the potential to win everything, 
There's the formality done, with a single ball taken for the last run to win this thrilling contest. Take a breather ladies and gentleman, because I'm surely in awe of what we've seen. The best ever chase for Islamabad United and the fourth highest chase in PSL. Islamabad United win by 5 wickets. 
19.1 Waqas Masood to Asif Ali, gets the yorker right but he gets an inside edge onto his pads which runs away to the thirdman boundary. Oh wait, they are asking for a REVIEW!

The players are shaking hands already! And the replays show he has got a big inside edge. So that's the game indeed!
Waqas Maqsood, back into the attack. 
The Karachi Kings are done! Fantastic batting display from Islamabad United who have caused their own havoc here. Just a run to win in the final over. Asif Ali, where have you been mate, we've missed you. What a stunning performance, to come in late, play a heroic cameo, smash the bowlers around the park and take your team to victory. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 2 0 4 6 1 Bowler: Mohammad Amir Score: 195/6
18.6 Mohammad Amir to Asif Ali, slow short ball wide of off-stump, cuts it aerially to the fielder at deep backward point
18.5 Mohammad Amir to Asif Ali, SIX! This is belligerent hitting! Low full toss on the pads, Asif Ali hits it right out of the middle of the bat and the ball goes sailing into the mid-wicket fence. 86 metre six!
18.4 Mohammad Amir to Asif Ali, low full toss with plenty of width, he gets this right in the middle of the bat and goes sailing towards wide long-on. And the replays show the ball has pitched just inside the boundary boarding
18.3 Mohammad Amir to Asif Ali, nails the wide yorker millimetres inside the wide-mark. Excellent delivery
18.2 Mohammad Amir to Asif Ali, low full toss wide of off-stump, drives it square of the wicket on the off-side. The fielder cuts the ball off in the boundary and they scamper back for the second
18.1 Mohammad Amir to Asif Ali, walks across and attempts a cheeky shot down to fineleg, makes no contact in the end
Nabi has been taken for a six, but he's struck back and gets Talat plumb in front of the stumps. Big big wicket for Karachi but Asif Ali has come out, wastes no time, picks the ball from Nabi as if it's nothing and has smashed that away into the night sky for the second six of the over. Oh Nabi....brilliant three overs from him, but if only he could have finished strong. 14 runs needed off 12 balls. 
Over: 18 | Summary: 6 1 0 W 6 1 Bowler: Mohammad Nabi Score: 182/6
17.6 Mohammad Nabi to Asif Ali, good length ball turning into the pads, whips it away to deep mid-wicket for a single
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