Kista Cricket Club 63/9 (10 ov)
Pakistanska Foreningen 64/5 (9.2 ov)
Pakistanska Foreningen won by 5 wickets
Easy win for PF, they remain unbeaten in this tournament. Tasaduq Hussain( 27 from 23 ) batted sensibly making sure that they don't falter in this chase.

KCC started well with Zubair Abbas bowling brilliantly. Lost the plot in the middle but still took it to last over. It's their first loss in the tournament. 
They have one more game coming up. They will be looking to improve their batting performance.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Habil Ahmed signing off. Stay safe and Take Care!
9.2 P Kaul to U Khan, tries to hit that away on the leg side but only finds the inside edge of the bat. They scamper for a single but an overthrow in the end gets them a second run to end the game. Unnecessarily close game in the end for PF!
9.1 P Kaul to U Khan, played and missed by the new man
PF needs 2 runs in the last over. Just 2 runs coming off that last over. Big wicket of Hussain in that over. Is there still a chance for KCC?.
PF - 62/4 from 9 overs.
8.6 M Badar to T Hussain, flighted and it pitches outside off. The batsman's big heave only gets the top edge and skies it in the end. Easily taken by the man at midwicket. OUT!
8.5 M Badar to T Hussain, on off-stump and he cuts it towards the man in front of point
8.4 M Badar to T Hussain, attempts to cut that outside off and he misses.
8.3 M Badar to M Ali, good length and on off-stump but the batsman turns it towards square leg for one
8.2 M Badar to K Zia, walks down the track and misses with the swing. Good work by the keeper to stump him in the end.
8.1 M Badar to T Hussain, slightly short and he pulls that towards deep midwicket for a single
PF needs 4 runs in 12 balls. PF is one boundary away to finish this match.
PF - 60/3 from 8 overs.
7.6 N Khan to T Hussain, comes down the track and plays that away towards square leg for a single.
7.5 N Khan to T Hussain, outside off and he plays it away but straight to the fielder.
7.4 N Khan to K Zia, swings at the ball on the off side and he ends up hitting it in the air but it lands safely.
7.3 N Khan to K Khan, plays that to the man at cover. No run!
7.2 N Khan to V Waqqas, down leg and the keeper manages to find the batsman outside his crease. Does some good work to hit the stumps with the throw and run him. 
7.1 N Khan to T Hussain, straight and full, and it is swung away towards long on for a single
PF needs 7 runs in 18 balls. PF - 57/2 from 7 Overs.
6.6 A Zaidi to V Waqqas, plays that ball on to his pads. No run in the end.
6.5 A Zaidi to V Waqqas, he looks to play that uppishly but gets the outside edge. Lands safely in the cover area though and they run two
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