SMI 47/7 (10 ov)
Kista Cricket Club 48/2 (5.4 ov)
Kista Cricket Club won by 8 wickets
KCC win the match by 8 wickets with 26 deliveries to spare. SMI took a wicket on the first ball but nothing went their way afterwards. Anwar stood back and hit the SMI bowlers to all parts of the park. Ultimately finishing not out on 28 off 19 deliveries and hitting the winning runs too. You have got to feel for the bowlers of SMI who were let down badly by their batsmen. A paltry target of 48 was never ging to be enough against the strong batting line-up of SMI. Stockholm Mumbai Indians will look to pick themselves up and try to put a collective performance in the next game. As for KCC, they have lodged two comprehensive wins on the trot.
And that's it from our side, This is Abhinav Singh and my partner Dwijesh Reddy signing off till next time. Stay Safe, stay indoors, keep washing your hands and see you all very soon. Cheers lads!
5.4 S Kadam to F Anwar, THAT'S THE WINNING RUNS! Full-on the stumps from Kadam and Anwar lifts it over the bowler's head! They take the run on offer and take KCC to another win! This has been a dominating performance by Kista CC as they win by 8 wickets!
5.3 S Kadam to F Anwar, Kadam cramps Anwar for room this time. Beats Anwar's sweep towards midwicket!
5.2 S Kadam to F Anwar, another dot! Oh yes, he wants it badly! Does not run!
5.1 S Kadam to Anwar, another dot! Beats the batsman this time! Anwar wants that glory finish!
5 overs completed and KCC need one run to win. This over should be it!
4.6 R Dhage to C Khatri, dot ball to end the over! Collective sighs all around the park! Next over please!
4.6 R Dhage to C Khatri, WIDE! This one nearly pitches outside the pitch and the batsmen take a bye as well!
4.5 R Dhage to C Khatri, slower one outside off, good-looking drive by Khatri. Khatri gets a run for that!
4.4 R Dhage to F Anwar, plays it for a single! Not the glory shot but has to settle for a single
4.3 R Dhage to F Anwar, Dhage gets his line right this time and beats the batsman's booming off-drive! Anwar wanting to finish it with the glory shot!
4.3 R Dhage to F Anwar, WIDE! Forth wide of the innings
4.2 R Dhage to C Khatri, very full on middle stump, Khatri doesn't get the timing right with his heave! He has to settle for a single! need 6 now to win
4.1 R Dhage to F Anwar, full ball on off-stump, Anwar  just dabs it around and walks away for a solitary run
4 overs completed, SMI 40/2, needing 8 of the remaining 6 overs. Anwar 25 off 1. Scoring more than half of KCC's runs
3.6 S Kadam to F Anwar, plays it along the ground and scampers for a single! He will retain strike for the next over!
3.5 S Kadam to C Khatri, full outside off, Khatri drives it to long off for a single! SMI making it even easier for KCC with this insipid bowling
3.4 S Kadam to C Khatri, FOUR! Straying on leg on this occasion and Khatri flicks it to midwicket for a four! That's exactly how Khatri started his innings in the last match
3.3 S Kadam to C Khatri, a good ball on off, defended back to the bowler! The hero of last match Khatri in the middle
3.2 S Kadam to F Shah, BOWLED HIM! Against the run of play! Kadam bowls it a bit shorter this time. Shah misses the pull and sees his woodwork wrecked by the straight delivery! Against the run of play Nawaz perishes, should have just taken a single and got off the strike
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