MTV Stallions 96/10 (9.5 ov)
KSV Cricket 97/5 (8.2 ov)
KSV Cricket won by 5 wickets
Easy win for KSV Cricket courtesy Mussadiq Ahmad. It is one of the brilliant batting performance you would see. He hit beautiful shots all over the ground. It was clean hitting, He scored 67 off 20 balls. Two very important points for them, It keeps their semi-final hopes alive.

MTV Stallions will be disappointed with their performance especially after winning two games today. They struggled to score and a bit of rain didn't help their bowlers as the bowl was wet throughout the innings.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Habil Ahmed signing off.
8.2 P Singh to F Sadarangani, full and outside off. He has driven that through the cover region for four more!

The umpire confirms that KSV have won the match with that shot, and they walk off the field.
8.1 P Singh to F Sadarangani, comes down the track and hits it straight back at the bowler
KSV - 93/5 after 8th over. Just 1 run of the last over. 4 needed now to win.

7.6 B Orya to S Hasan, short and outside off. Hasan swings and misses!
7.5 B Orya to S Hasan, blocked back to the bowler.
7.4 B Orya to F Sadarangani, played into the off side. They take a single down to deep cover.
7.3 B Orya to F Sadarangani, played and missed with the ball keeping too low.
7.2 B Orya to F Sadarangani, straighter this time and Finn plays that onto his pads but the bowler doesn't get to it in time after the ball loops up in the air.
7.1 B Orya to S Hasan, down leg side. They appeal but the umpire isn't impressed.
KSV - 92/5 after 7th over. Just 5 needed now to win.

6.6 M Arabzai to F Sadarangani, full and outside off once again. Driven straight to deep cover for a single.
6.5 M Arabzai to F Sadarangani, yorker length delivery and Sadarangani does well to block it out.
6.4 M Arabzai to F Sadarangani, full and outside off. It is driven through the cover region. Misfield in the deep and it goes for four.
6.3 M Arabzai to F Sadarangani, goes through bat and pad. Misses the stumps thankfully!
6.2 M Arabzai to S Shinwari, short and he pulls that straight to the man at midwicket. Taken easily in the end.
6.1 M Arabzai to S Shinwari, played and missed after the ball stayed very low.
KSV - 87/4 after 6th over. Mussaddiq Ahmad smashed 3 sixes in that over before getting out. He has turned this game in KSV's way. Just 10 needed now to win, Two new batsmen at the crease.
5.6 U Gadiraju to M Samiullah, straight delivery and it crashes into the batsman's pads. Umpire thinks it would have crashed into the stumps as well. He raises the finger.
5.5 U Gadiraju to M Ahmed, full and slow this time. He swings at it but doesn't get a hold of it. Taken easily by the man at long off!
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