KSV Cricket 53/10 (7.5 ov)
PSV Hann Munden 54/5 (8.1 ov)
PSV Hann Munden won by 5 wickets
PSV Hann Munden have won the game by 5 wickets!!
There was an early scare for PSV as they lost 4 wickets in 2.1 overs, but Awal Khan Safi stood his ground as he scored a match-winning knock of 29(16). The KSV bowlers had bowled with great intensity at the start of the innings with Sultan Shah returning with unreal figures of 2-1 in his two overs and Izatullah picking 2 wickets at the top. However, their chances of winning fizzled away due to Safi's brilliant knock.
The match looked to be tight in the first two overs but eventually resulted in a one-sided victory for the PSV. That is T10 Cricket for you right there! Just a few hits and the game turns on its head!
Switch tabs and join us for the second game of the tournament as MTV take on FDF. We hope you enjoyed our live coverage of this game. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Habil Ahmed, signing off. Stay safe!
8.1 S Zai to A Safi, straight at a full-ish length and Safi simply clubs that away into the legside. He gets six runs over the midwicket area to end the game. Comfortable 5-wicket win in the end.
PSV Hann Munden are 48/5 at the end of 8 overs. They need 6 runs in 12 balls at 3 RPO.
7.6 A Dawoodkhel to A Zadran, short and outside off. Zadran plays at it and misses.
7.5 A Dawoodkhel to A Safi, full and slower this time. Safi hits that high in the air. Doesn't get much on it but the bowler is unable to hold on to it right behind the stumps at the non-striker's end. Popped right out of his hands.
7.4 A Dawoodkhel to A Zadran, full and straight. He plays that down to long on for a single. Easy runs for PSV here.
7.3 A Dawoodkhel to A Zadran, slightly fuller and outside off stump. He plays that towards cover but it is a dot ball. Good field placements.
7.2 A Dawoodkhel to A Safi, fullish delivery and he plays that down to long on for a single. They cannot decide if a second run is on and it remains down to just one run.
7.1 A Dawoodkhel to A Safi, bowled at a yorker length and Safi gets an outside edge. Runs down to the third man boundary for four welcome runs.
PSV Hann Munden are 41/5 at the end of 7 overs. They need 13 runs in 18 balls at 4.33 RPO.
6.6 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, short-ish ball outside off. Zadran chooses to let that go as well. Good over if you ignore the wides and the four.
6.5 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, comes back in off a good length. Zadran is unable to connect to well. Goes right back to the bowler.
6.4 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, come back in sharply from outside off again. Zadran chooses not to prod at it at the last moment.
6.3 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, just outside off this time, and Zadran defends that back to the bowler.
6.3 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, short ball and rises quickly. Goes over the head according to the square leg umpire and it is called a wide.
6.2 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, outside off and moves back in. Zadran is happy to let that go. No run on offer even after the keeper spills that.
6.1 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, on leg stump and Zadran turns that towards fine leg. Goes past the fielder down there for four more runs!
6.1 I Dawlatzai to A Zadran, short ball down leg side. Wide called. The bowler missing his line here and the umpire signals a wide.
PSV Hann Munden are 35/5 at the end of 6 overs. They need 19 runs in 24 balls at 4.75 RPO.
5.6 S Khan to A Safi, swung back in sharply from outside the off stump. Played and missed by Safi on that occasion.
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