Lahore Qalandars 182/6 (20 ov)
Multan Sultans 157/10 (19.1 ov)
Qalandars won by 25 runs
Player of the match: David Wiese
That is all from the live action from the PSL Eliminator 2 encounter between the Multan Sultans and Lahore Qalandars. This is Gaurav Kadam and my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay signing off for Sportskeeda. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the updates from the sporting world!

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Lahore Qalandars have won by 25 runs!

With a daunting target of 183 to chase down for a spot in the PSL Season 5 Finale, the Multan Sultans could not have hoped for a better start as Adam Lyth went on a tear in the powerplay. The Englishman was on fire as the Sultans scored 63 runs at the end of the fielding restrictions. 

Lyth went on to score his 50 off just 28 balls but the introduction of David Wiese into the Qalandars' attack proved to be the undoing for Sultans. He got the prized scalp of Lyth and with that wicket, the Sultans' chase derailed to a slow pace as the batsmen just could not find boundaries. They kept scoring singles and the pressure kept building with the required run rate rising with each passing over.

In their attempt to score big quickly. the Sultans lost 5 wickets in the space of 5 overs and bowed out of contention as Haris Rauf and David Wiese cleaned up their middle order. Khushdil Shah was the lone warrior in the middle for the Sultans as none of the batters were able to gather momentum after Lyth's wicket.

Shaheen Shah Afridi cleaned up Khushdil Shah and Mohammad Ilyas in the penultimate over to virtually win the match for the Lahore Qalandars. Dilbar Hussain came in to bowl the final over and strikes on the first ball as Imran Tahir held out to the man at deep mid wicket as he went for the big slog.

David Wiese was the key performer for the Lahore Qalandars both with the bat and ball. His explosive knock of 48 runs in the end got the side to a challenging total and he delivered with the ball as well. He picked up three crucial wickets in his spell to derail the chase of the Sultans.

The final wicket meant that Lahore Qalandars booked their spot in the final of the Pakistan Super League Season 5. They will take on Karachi Kings in what will be a huge match backed by the rivalries of the two big cities of the nation,
19.1 Dilbar Hussain to Imran Tahir, OUT! CAUGHT! GAME. SET. MATCH. Length ball on the middle stump angling in, Tahir clears his front foot and looks to heave that away. However, he ends up slicing that in the air and the fielder at deep mid-wicket pouches that with glee! That will wrap up proceedings here as the Lahore Qalandars beat the Multan Sultans by 25 runs and cement a spot in the Final!
Shaheen Shah Afridi comes in to bowl the penultimate over and Ilyas starts the over off with a boundary. Khushdil Shah and Mohammad Ilyas depart on consecutive deliveries as Afridi derails the chase of the Sultans in his final over. Just 7 runs came off that over from Afridi. Final pair in the middle for the Multan Sultans!

Sultans need 26 runs in 6 balls to win!
157 /9 score
cricket ball icon Shaheen Afridi
18.6 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Imran Tahir, full ball on the off stump angling in, Tahir slices that to sweeper cover for a single. 
18.5 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Junaid Khan, full ball on the middle stump angling in, Khan is rapped on the pads and the batsmen scamper across for a single as the ball deflects into the off side. 
18.4 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mohammad Ilyas, OUT! CAUGHT! ANOTHER STUNNER BY DUNK! Length ball on the off stump nipping away slightly, Ilyas hangs his bat in defence but gets the glove to the keeper, who takes an absolute screamer to dismiss Ilyas! Shaheen is on a hat-trick here!
18.3 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Khushdil Shah, OUT! CAUGHT! That should be the game right there! full ball on the middle stump, Shah holds his ground and heaves that. However, he cannot connect as well as he would have liked to and lofts that straight down the throat of Hafeez at deep mid-wicket, who makes no mistake whatsoever! That could be it in the chase for the Multan Sultans!
18.2 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mohammad Ilyas, length ball on the off stump, Ilyas taps back to the bowler and takes off for the single. Afridi is quick to collect that and a direct hit would have send Ilyas packing!
18.1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mohammad Ilyas, FOUR! slower full toss outside off, Ilyas opens the face of the bat at the last second and caresses that through the gully region for a boundary! What a way to start the over!
Haris Rauf comes in for the 18th over and Khushdil Shah keeps the chase alive with a six in the middle of the over as his partner Ilyas is doing well to rotate the strike. He ends the over with a boundary as Sultans score 15 runs off that one.

Sultans need 33 runs in 12 balls to win!
150 /7 score
cricket ball icon Haris Rauf
17.6 Haris Rauf to Khushdil Shah, FOUR! Multan are still in the game! Full ball outside off, Shah once again clears his front foot and whacks that straight back down the ground for a boundary! With mid off inside the circle, there was no one to stop that from going to the boundary rope. 
17.5 Haris Rauf to Mohammad Ilyas, full ball on the off stump, Ilyas looks to push that but gets the outside edge towards point for a quick single. 
17.4 Haris Rauf to Khushdil Shah, full ball outside off, Shah slaps that down to mid off for a quick single. 
17.3 Haris Rauf to Khushdil Shah, SIX! SHOT! Full ball on the middle stump, Shah clears his front foot and clobbers that over mid-wicket for a huge maximum! He is single-handedly keeping Sultans in the chase here!
17.2 Haris Rauf to Mohammad Ilyas, full ball on the pads, Ilyas taps that towards mid-wicket for a risky single. Ilyas had to put in the dive to make it in but a direct hit would have sent him packing anyways. Luckily for him and the Sultans, the fielder misses the stumps!
17.1 Haris Rauf to Khushdil Shah, full ball outside off, Shah slices that to deep backward point for a single. 
17.1 Haris Rauf to Khushdil Shah, WIDE ball sprayed way outside off!
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