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Cyprus Moufflons CC 168/3 (10 ov)
Limassol Gladiators CC 62/3 (10 ov)
Cyprus Moufflons CC won by 106 runs.
Key Points
  • Limassol Gladiators have Sadiq Khan as their top scorer. He has struck 390 runs from 18 matches at an average of 22.94 whereas CMC will be relying on Muhammad Hussain who has been their MVP.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    A high-scoring game is on the cards with shorter boundaries on offer. Both teams boast of powerhouse performers and will be looking to draw the first blood here.
    Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage and do join us for the remaining matches of the competition! Till then, this is me (Pradeep Somashekar) and Prashanth Satish signing off! Stay safe and goodbye!
    Limassol Gladiators CC lose big and they lose by a huge margin of 106 runs! Gladiators never looked in the chase from the beginning apart from that 1st over, the withdrew from the chase early on, couple of overs in the beginning went for just 3 and 4 runs, that's that! Shahid Ali 18(22) and Bilal Ahmed 29(17) just couldn't get the required boundaries every over, and it was around the 5th over it was all over for them and the body language did suggest that they have given up, such was the brutality of Moufflons batting display earlier on in the match!

    Moufflons on the other side had just one thing to do, just bowl in the right areas and not give any room, exactly what they did and Gladiators succumbed to their bowling. Ravi Kumar 9/1 and Kamal Riaz 6/0 from his 2 were their pick of the bowlers, some excellent line and length did the job for them. In the end a dominating performance from the Cyprus Moufflons CC and deserved every bit of applause for winning this match convincingly!

    Limassol Gladiators have crashed to defeat here and they lose by 106 runs! Gladiators are finally put out of their misery!
    9.6 Ravi Kumar to Venkat Reddy, full toss on stump line, hit towards long on for a single. CYM win by a whooping 106 runs
    9.5 Ravi Kumar to Anwar Jahid, OUT! Comes down the track, deceived in the flight and the keeper completes the stumping
    9.4 Ravi Kumar to Anwar Jahid, comes down the track and drives it to long off for two
    9.3 Ravi Kumar to Anwar Jahid, missed a fired in straight one
    9.2 Ravi Kumar to Anwar Jahid, fuller, batsman tries to slog, but finds only the bowler
    9.1 Ravi Kumar to Anwar Jahid, full ball, outside off, driven through covers for a brace
    The intent has never been there by the Gladiators in this chase! LGC are 57/2 after 9 overs! 
    8.6 Gaganpreeth Singh to Hamid Bilal, short ball, pulled but finds midwicket fielder
    8.6 Gaganpreeth Singh to Hamid Bilal, WIDE! Errs in line and the umpire has to stretch
    8.5 Gaganpreeth Singh to Hamid Bilal, another good length ball outside off, but the batsman who is just swinging is unable to make any contact
    8.4 Gaganpreeth Singh to Hamid Bilal, good length outside off, missed by the batsman trying to swing
    8.3 Gaganpreeth Singh to Hamid Bilal, fired in on the body, defended back to the bowler
    8.2 Gaganpreeth Singh to Hamid Bilal, full ball, driven to covers but an overthrow means batsman comes back for two
    8.1 Gaganpreeth Singh to Hamid Bilal, full ball, batsman misses trying to hit it over cover
    Gladiators lose Bilal Ahmed in that over! Almost over for them! LGC are 54/2 after 8 overs! Last 2 overs coming up!
    7.6 Gurwinder Singh to Anwar Jahid, good length ball, batsman came down the track but misses completely
    7.5 Gurwinder Singh to Anwar Jahid, good length ball outside off, batsman is beaten on the outside edge
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