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Nicosia Tigers CC 109/2 (10 ov)
Limassol Gladiators CC 112/2 (8.2 ov)
Limassol Gladiators CC won by 8 wickets
It was an interesting afternoon where we got to watch a total of fourteen 4's and sixteen 6's. Here we come to an end of match No.7 but the action doesn't stop here at SportsKeeda as we're just a few minutes away from the start of next match. Do tune in to SportsKeeda at 3:30 PM for Match 8 of ECS T10 Cyprus between Cyprus Moufflons CC and Punjab Lions CC

Thank you guys for joining us today. Myself, Mohamed Farzan & my colleague, Abhinav Singh signing off. Good Bye!
NCT was off to a good start and the openers dominated the first innings and it was not a good time for the bowlers. Iftekar Jaman scored a handy 65 off 31 balls and was involved in a long partnership with his opening partner Aizaz Jameel. The only bowler who had bowled an economical spell was Honey Gori. The team scored 109/2 and set the target as 110 from 120 balls for LIG.

Captain Noman Zeb & Honey Gori opened the innings for LIG and the Noman started with a few big shots but had to leave the field after being caught off Iftekar Jaman's bowling. Honey Gori also lost his wicket in the 5th over after Jaman took an outstanding catch.

Shahid Ali took things from there and scored 55 of 16 balls which included 3 fours and 6 sixes. Sadiq Khan held his back and also hit a few balls out of the park. Once again the batsmen dominated he 2nd innings as well and the bowlers were not up to the mark as LIG won the match by  8 wickets (with 10 balls to spare)
LCC won by 8 wickets (with 10 balls to spare)
8.2 Yasir to S Khan, full ball, underneath Khan's blade and his eyes are lit up instantaneously as he smokes the ball into the orbit. A SIX to finish off the proceedings for LGC as they romp to victory with 8 wickets and 10 balls remaining. COMMANDING victory indeed!
8.1 Yasir to S Khan, another ball on an outside off line and the batsman misses it
8.1 Yasir to S Khan, bowled wide outside off, extra called
These are just formalities now. NCT have almost lost the game out of their hand now. They have scored 105 runs and require 5 more in 12 balls.
7.6 A Hossain to Shahid Ali, short ball on the body and pulled towards square leg for a boundary 
7.5 A Hossain to S Khan, full ball right in the slot and batsman s=goes straight over and the fielder can't reach the ball
7.4 A Hossain to S Khan, full ball, batsman went for the glory shot but missed it 
7.3 A Hossain to S Khan, full ball and clobbered over the long on fielder for a HUGE SIX! That has travelled some distance 
7.2 A Hossain to Shahid Ali, short ball but strangely hit straight down the ground to long on for a single
7.1 A Hossain to Shahid Ali, length ball, the batsman gets a topedge on that one as the ball trickles to third man for a boundary 
End of 7 overs, LIG is 89/2. They require another 21 runs in 18 balls at 7 RPO. Iftekar Jaman should come out to ball as he's been brilliant today.

No..... Anowar Hossain has been asked to ball.
6.6 S Hassan to Shahid Ali, fulltoss and nudged easily to point for another single
6.5 S Hassan to S Khan, short ball and cut away to point for a single
6.4 S Hassan to Shahid Ali, full ball and played easily to deep midwicket for a single
6.4 S Hassan to Shahid Ali, short and wide outside off. WIDE called
6.3 S Hassan to Shahid Ali, in the slot and hit powerfully by Ali. The ball sails over deep midwicket for another SIX
6.3 S Hassan to S Khan, fulltoss and drilled straight down the ground for a single, meanwhile a no ball is called
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