63/7 (10)
67/5 (9)
ALZ won by 5 wickets
Right then, this has been Pradeep and myself (Rishab). Do stay tuned for the final game of the day and much more action after that as well coming your way. You do not want to miss it so do catch it all on our coverage and have a great day!
Well, Alby Zalmi manage to keep their unbeaten run going in the ECS with a fine win here. They set it up nicely with the ball to keep Linkoping down to a below par score and although they did lose a few wickets, they eventually managed to get over the line with an over to spare. A positive start for them to the day and they will want to complete the double. 

Linkoping did not have enough runs on the board to play with. However, they did do reasonably well to give a fight in the game with the ball, which is the take away for them from this game. Maybe a few more runs on the board and this could have been a different story for them. They have work to do with their batting and will hope for a better show in the next game. 

They do have an opportunity to come back as these two sides face each other yet again in short time. Can they level scores? It surely promises to be another exciting game coming your way!
Some struggle and drama there but Alby Zalmi will eventually get over the line with an over and half their wickets to spare then. They start the day with a win and continue their unbeaten run with this victory! 
67 /5 score
cricket bat icon Azam Khalil *
23 (15)
cricket bat icon Aman Momand
3 (2)
cricket ball icon Saberali Syed
2 /14
8.6 Saberali Syed to Azam Khalil, SIX! BANG! GAME, SET AND MATCH! Full and in the slot for Khalil, he gets underneath that one as he skips down the track and CLOBBERS it way over long-on for a maximum. Alby Zalmi with early jitters ensured they went over the line in the end!
8.5 Saberali Syed to Aman Momand, full toss on the off-stump, Aman on the backfoot pats it into the off-side, finishes taking a tight single.
8.4 Saberali Syed to Aman Momand, back of a length on the outside off, Aman on the backfoot opens the blade and steers it to deep point for a brace.
Aman Momand, RHB, comes to the crease
8.3 Saberali Syed to Sami Khalil, OUT! MILES UP IN THE AIR AND SUDESH TAKES ANOTHER BLINDER! Length delivery on the off-stump, Sami down on one knee looks to finish things off but he's skied it, Sudesh at wide mid-on settles under it and takes a brilliant catch. Is there a twist in the tale still?
Sami Khalil c Sudesh b Saberalli Syed 1 (6b, 0x4, 0x6)
8.2 Saberali Syed to Sami Khalil, back of a length on the fourth stump, comes back in a bit a Sami swings across the line and misses.
8.1 Saberali Syed to Sami Khalil, length delivery on the leg-stump, Sami down on one knee to heave but toe ends it to square-leg fielder for no run.
An eventful over here but Niazy did the damage with those couple of sixes early on, tilting this game in favor of Alby Zalmy once again. They just need a six to finish this off now and have all the time in the world to do so as well!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Asad javed
7.6 Asad Javed to Sami Khalil, back of a length on the off-stump line, Sami on the backfoot nudges it down to mid-on for a quick single.
7.5 Asad Javed to Sami Khalil, back of a length on the middle and off, Sami on the backfoot clips it straight to the mid-wicket fielder for no run.
7.4 Asad Javed to Sami Khalil, back of a length on the off-stump, Sami on the backfoot defends it into the off-side for no run.
Sami Khalil, RHB, comes to the crease
Ohh well, Linkoping are fighting hard. Asad gets his man! 
7.3 Asad Javed to Zabihullah Niazy, OUT! KNOCKED HIM OVER! This is sheer pace from Javed, Niazy on the backfoot looks to hoick and misses, goes through to clip the top of middle and off stump, Niazy blitz comes to an end.
Zabihullah Niazy b A Javed 15 (6b, 0x4, 2x6)
Two in a row and this should make it pretty clear which way this game is going now!