South Castries Lions 93/6 (10 ov)
Mabouya Constrictior 74/7 (10 ov)
South Castries Lions won by 19 runs.
South Castries Lions have beaten Mabouya Constrictiors by 19 runs.  The Constrictiors finish up on 74/7 from their quota of 10 overs. They have staged a remarkable comeback at the rear end of the innings, preying scalps at regular intervals and really stifling the flow of runs. 

SCL got off to a steady start Polius got things moving for them at a better rate than what was originally required from them. Despite losing Changoo in the third over, he didn't shy away from taking on the bowlers and was, unarguably, the pick of the batsmen for his 30 off 24. However, he didn't enjoy any particular support from the rest of the middle order and when he departed, it all began falling down like a house of cards for the Constrictiors. The equation was pretty much doable but they didn't have the firepower to overhaul the Lions' bowling attack. 

Speaking of the Lions' bowling battery, Charlermagne was exceptionally good, taking three wickets in his two-over spell which conceded only 8 runs. Superb figures in T10 terms. The likes of Gabriel, Edward, and Antoine were also quite economical and really stemmed the runs from flowing in any manner whatsoever.

That's a wrap from this game. Thanks for tuning into Sportskeeda's live coverage of this St Lucia T10 Blast between MAC and SCL. On behalf of me, Momin, and my co-commentator, Prasen, ciao!
9.6 Kester Charlermagne to Wayad Hippolyte, OUT! Charlermagne pegs the batter's leg stump back to finish off the match on a high for the SCL!
9.5 Kester Charlermagne to Rick Smith, OUT! Short of length ball outside off from Charlermagne, Smith gets an under edge on that ball as skipper Johnson Charles pouches it safely!
9.4 Kester Charlermagne to Rick Smith, a little too wide outside off from the bowler.
9.4 Kester Charlermagne to Christian Ange, short of length ball tucked to square leg, just a single.
9.3 Kester Charlermagne to Rick Smith, length ball swung away off the inside half of the bat to backward square leg. 
9.2 Kester Charlermagne to Christian Ange, bumper goes off the splice to the man at mid off. 
9.1 Kester Charlermagne to Denzel James, OUT! James goes and that could be curtains! Back of length ball moves away from the batsman and James gets a feather to the keeper.
My word, a scintillating over from Gabriel, just a solitary run off it. This is surely the Lions' game now with 24 needed off the last over.
8.6 Xavier Gabriel to Rick Smith, poor batting from Smith. Short of length ball goes over an agricultural hoick from Smith again. 
8.5 Xavier Gabriel to Rick Smith, back of length outside off again, Smith rocked away and looked to go over cover point, misses again. 
8.4 Xavier Gabriel to Rick Smith, length ball angling away from leg stump, Smith danced down the track and attempted an ugly hoick but ends up clobbering the thin air in front of his blade.
8.3 Xavier Gabriel to Denzel James, short of length ball at pace, dabbed to point for a single by James. 
8.2 Xavier Gabriel to Mugaran Shoulette, OUT! Shoulette holes out to long on! Length ball from Gabriel, Shoulette was early into his shot and skied it up in the air, Callendar settles under the ball and takes a good reverse-cupped catch! MAC sliding further down into this abyss.
8.1 Xavier Gabriel to Mugaran Shoulette, short of length from Gabriel, Shoulette looks to slap it over long off but misses
A massive wicket in that over brings SCL on the driving seat as Polius perishes while trying to enforce things. 25 more runs required off 12 balls.
7.6 Alex Antoine to Mugaran Shoulette, length ball goes off the top half of the bat to mid-wicket, just a single. 
7.5 Alex Antoine to Mugaran Shoulette, short of length ball tapped back to the bowler
7.4 Alex Antoine to Chard Polius, OUT! Antoine has the big fish! Short of length ball turned a little into Polius, the burly opener looked to cut it away but offered a simple catch to the man at point! He crashed it to be fair but crashed it down the throat of the backward point fielder who makes no mistake.
7.3 Alex Antoine to Denzel James, Antoine fires a short ball on middle, James turns it to backward square leg for a single
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