Netherlands 191/2 (20 ov)
Malaysia 176/8 (20 ov)
Netherlands won by 15 runs.
Player of the match: Max O'Dowd
Overall it has been an exciting game of cricket, which brought in over 350 runs and a wide array of stroke play that was pleasing to the eye. Bowlers being harassed, and coming back strongly to take wickets. Some lousy fielding to gift extra lives to the batters, and a thrilling finish to the game, just like we always like. Netherlands have managed to win today, but will have to still clear a few issues if they are to beat Nepal. For Malaysia, a similar issue stands in front of them, that of bowling better lines and picking wickets to restrict the oppositions. All in all it has been a great game of cricket, and we cannot wait to witness more of these. Join us tomorrow for the third game in the series between Nepal and Malaysia to see if Nepal make it 2 wins in 2 or whether Malaysia improve and come back stronger for the win. That's all from here, as Bala and I, Ankit bid you farewell! Do stay safe and take care! 
The Dutch bowlers again today, proved expensive. They started off well, but once the batters decided to take the attack to them, they sort of lost their way and were all over the place, bowling poor lines, and giving easy deliveries begging to be put away. Yesterday they made the same mistakes, but today they had enough on the board, for their under par bowling effort to be unnoticed amongst the win. Next they face Nepal again, and if they are to come out on top of that with a win, they will have to drastically improve their efforts. They are fairly new to the international stage, but this is the time for them to shine and make a name for themselves. 
Sharvin Muniandy and Aminuddin Ramly supported Virandeep with their cameos, but neither could continue their form, and carry on for a long time. Had one of them stuck around for another 8-10 balls, the result could have been different. But credits to the efforts taken by these men, chasing a huge target, under pressure. Virandeep started of slow, but then picked up speed in the second half of the innings to match the required run rate. He was on song to finish the game as well, but one miscued shot cost him his wicket, after an exhilarating performance. He will be disappointed not to go all the way, but he played sensationally today. 
Netherlands started off the game as favourites. They won the toss, elected to bat, and put up a wonderful performance to end up with a massive score of 191. One would think they already have the game in the bag, but Malaysia were not in the mood to give up today. They lost a couple of early wickets in the first over itself, including that of their skipper being dismissed on a duck. But Virandeep Singh was not going down without a fight. He stuck around till almost the end to see the game through, only to be dismissed in the penultimate over when he tried to go for a third maximum in the over. 
Ryan Campbell (Netherlands coach): Pretty happy to get the win. Fantastic effort from Maxie up top. Malaysia played really well, with a fantastic effort with the chase. We're a bit rusty especially our bowling, but we've had a couple of games now, we know what to do, so we'll be ready for Nepal day after. We have had some time in the middle so we should be good to go. 
What a thriller this game has been. Phenomenal to say the least. Netherlands had their opener Max O'Dowd breaking records for them, picking up the first ever century in his country's history, scoring 133 out of the 191 runs. In response to that it was Virandeep Singh who came out looking a bit shaky, but then shifted gears to go all out attack, to almost see his team through. He too, scored the highest ever runs for his team, but fell short of a 100, as he was dismissed on 87. 
Netherlands hold their nerves and have managed to defend 191, irrespective of the scare from the Malaysian vice captain. But at the end the Dutch have pulled through as they were expected to. Netherlands win by 15 runs. 
Over: 20 | Summary: 0 0 0 1 6 0 Bowler: Vivian Kingma Score: 176/8
19.6 Vivian Kingma to Muhammad Wafiq, finds the blockhole yet again, Wafiq tries in vain to get any connection on that. That was a valiant attempt from Malaysia, but they fall short in the end
19.5 Vivian Kingma to Muhammad Wafiq, SIX! Digs this one in short, he is waiting on the back foot. Swivels and pulls it high and handsome over the mid-wicket boundary
19.4 Vivian Kingma to Anwar Rahman, finally manages to get bat on the wide yorker, jabs it out to point and finds the single
19.3 Vivian Kingma to Anwar Rahman, comes down the track this time and has a wild heave, the ball goes through unharmed yet again
19.2 Vivian Kingma to Anwar Rahman, goes for the wide yorker and the batsman fails to get bat on ball. It is flirting with the tramline but stays just inside
19.1 Vivian Kingma to Anwar Rahman, full ball outside the off-stump, swings hard but makes no connection
Virandeep has been dismissed! A fantastic knock comes to an unfortunate end, just short of the target. Virandeep was looking to take it away, but it's that one shot that does not carry over the ropes, as the fielder takes it comfortably. This surely should be it for Netherlands, who cannot lose from here with the tail enders in the middle. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 6 6 2 W 0 0 Bowler: Sebastiaan Braat Score: 169/8
18.6 Sebastian Braat to Muhammad Wafiq, finds the blockhole with the slower ball, manages to jab it out but can't find a single
18.5 Sebastian Braat to Muhammad Wafiq, slower ball going across the left-hander, big swing of the bat but makes no connection
Anwar Rahman, left hand bat, comes to the crease. 
18.4 Sebastian Braat to Virandeep Singh, OUT! Netherlands have got the big fish! Slower ball full on the stumps, tries to go big over long-off but ends up slicing it. Goes in the air and lobs up to the fielder at point
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