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Ariana AKIF 106/7 (10 ov)
Malmo Cricket Club 74/7 (10 ov)
Ariana AKIF won by 32 runs.
A classic match of what if's and what if not's. The MCC side started off slowly but gained momentum in the middle overs and looked well on their way to win the match but again lost the momentum in the final three overs. Only if the middle order would have held their end of the bargain then MCC would have cantered home easily.

Hammad Rafiq top-scored with 21 off 11 deliveries but none of the MCC batsmen could put their foot on the accelerator for the final push. In the end the AA bowlers proved plenty for MCC as M Babak was the pick of the bowlers with envious figures of 2-0-4-2. He single-handedly applied the brakes on the MCC inning.

The MCC side will now go back to the drawing board and introspect where did they go wrong. As for Ariana AKIF, they have won both their matches today and look like a force to reckon with. D Dash has given an indication that he will pummel any bowler that comes up in front of him and that the opposition teams need to be wary of him.

That's it from our side as I Abhinav Singh and my partner Nikhil take your leave. Stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands. Goodbye fellas
9.6 Mohammad Babak to Nikhil Mathur, full length ball, lifts it up to the deep point region and the fielder takes an easy catch. 
9.5 Mohammad Babak to Nikhil Mathur, full length delivery on the offside, played and missed.
9.4 Mohammad Babak to Nikhil Mathur, short of a length ball, swing and a miss.
9.3 Mohammad Babak to Rajan Sharma, fuller length ball, drives it to the cover region.
9.2 Mohammad Babak to Rajan Sharma, short of a length ball, fails to connect again.
9.1 Mohammad Babak to Rajan Sharma, full length ball, swing and a miss.
MCC are 73/6 from 9 overs. MCC need 34 runs from 6 balls.
8.6 N Baluch to Karamat, back of length delivery and played straight to the bowler 
8.5 N Baluch to Rajan, length ball played to short leg for another single
8.4 N Baluch to S Karamat, length ball and played to midwicket for a single
8.3 N Baluch to Nitin, a similar ball and a similar shot, but the batsman runs on this one but the extra covers fielder hits the bullseye and send Nitin packing!
8.2 N Baluch to Nitin, length ball and played straight to covers for no run
8.1 N Baluch to S Karamat, length ball and played down the ground for a single
MCC are 69/5 from 8 overs. They need 37 runs from 12 balls
7.6 M Babak to S Karamat, short ball and played around for a single
7.5 M Babak to Nitin, short and wide, cut ferociously to backward point for a single
7.4 M Babak to S Sharma, full length delivery, Sharma went back in the crease to pull it over midwicket but played all over it and lost his middle stump
6.3 Inderjeet Singh to Saqlain Karamat, full length ball, driven for a single.
6.2 Inderjeet Singh to Qaiser Munir, short ball, pulled to deep mid-wicket.
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