Rossio CC 100/3 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura 101/8 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura won by 2 wickets
Malo CC Vilamoura beat Rossio CC by 2 wickets and have qualified for the final.

PHEW! End of a nail-biting game between Malo Cc Vilamoura and Rossio Cc as the former beat the latter by 2 wickets. The Malo started off on a great note as they minted sixteen runs off the very first over but they lost a wicket in the very first over of the game as well. What followed was some terrific display of batting by Adnan who scored 20 runs off just 9 deliveries at an SR of 222. Although he got on the final ball of the powerplay, Zafar Ali held one end and batted as long as he could scoring 29 runs off 23 deliveries before getting plumb to Siraj. At one stage, it looked like Malo will finish off the chase very early but the Rossio CC has done extremely well to drag it all the way down the wire.

Fantastic bowling by Munna Rahman and skipper Siraj meant that Malo lost 4 wickets for just 17 runs and were required to score 33 runs off the last three overs. Just when the game was drifting towards GCCR, Ikram threw his bat at everything and scored vital 15 runs as Malo CC were required to score 20 runs of the last two overs. That is when the tailender - Yasir Sabir chipped in with some handsome hits scoring 16 runs and sealing the chase and seeing his team through to the finals.

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda,Ladies and Gentlemen. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this nail-biting semi final. Do join us for the final coming up as we try to bring ball-by-ball action. Till then, this is Manoj Sarma and my partner Gaurav Kadam signing off. Stay Safe!
9.6 Imran Khan to Assad Mehmood, pitched up by Khan as he pushes it to Siraj, who throws it wildly at the non-striker's end abd the ball goes through and the batsman are able to scamper to get two runs and clinch the match! What an end to the game! The Malo Cc are ecstatic at the moment and they deserve to be. What a turn around from them
9.5 Imran Khan to Yasir Sabir, pitched short by Khan as Yasir drills it on the off side. Sulaman tries to get back for the double but is sent back by Yasir and he is run out by the keeper! All drama here as Malo need 2 on the last ball! Phew! Feel the adrenaline now, Ladies and Gentlemen!
9.4 Imran Khan to Yasir Sabir, pitched full and outside off as Sabir lofts it over the point fielder for another boundary! Sublime batting from Sabir as they need just 3 in 2 balls now. Pressure now on Imran Khan. One shot away from victory now are Malo. What a turn around this has been.
9.3 Imran Khan to Yasir Sabir, short and outside off as Sabit cuts it through the square region for a welcome boundary! Fantastic shot this under pressure from Yasir. Can he do it for his team? PRESSURE! Need 7 runs in 3 balls now!
9.2 Imran Khan to Yasir Sabir, pitched a bit short and outside off as the batsman gets a top edge towards the third man. The ball bounces awkwardly and beats the fielder for a boundary! Sloppy fielding in the deep as Malo are 4 runs closer to the target. 11 runs needed now!
9.1 Imran Khan to Yasir Sabir, pitched up this time and Sabir swings but misses it completely. Good recovery from Khan there! 15 needed off last 5 balls.
9.1 Imran Khan to Yasir Sabir, WIDE! pitched short and outside off and he strays off his line there!
Malo C are 85/7 after the end of the penultimate over of the chase. Need 16 runs of the last 6 balls

Just 4 runs off that over as Siraj Nipo does extremely well to leave enough runs to defend for Khan. Which way is this game gonna go?
8.6 Md Siraj Nipo to Yasir Sabir, pitched on the stumps a Sabir digs it out towards the point region for a single. Pressure mounting
8.5 Md Siraj Nipo to Syed Maisam, OUT! pitched short this time as Syed smashes it to the cow corner and straight into the hands of the fielder! A very comfortable catch as Siraj picks up yet another wicket. More importantly this is a DOT-BALL!
8.4 Md Siraj Nipo to Yasir Sabir, outside off as Sabir gets it down to the cover fielder for one. They badly need a boundary now
8.3 Md Siraj Nipo to Syed Maisam, pitched full outside off as the batsmen scramble for a single.
8.2 Md Siraj Nipo to Yasir Sabir, pitched full as Sabir gets it down to the square region for a single. Rossio are happy as long as they are giving away runs in singles.
8.1 Md Siraj Nipo to Yasir Sabir, short and played to the third man but no run there for Malo. Nerves everywhere!
Malo CC are 81/6 at the end of the eighth over. Need 20 runs in 12 balls at 10 RPO.

Edges meant that the batsmen squeeze in lucky runs and need to go at just 10 an over. Can the batsmen at the crease do it for MALO?
7.6 Munna Rahman to Aamer Ikram, outside off as Ikram slashes and skies it towards the point fielder. He is caught this time as Rahman gets his man finally! Edges this time again but the ball falls in the safe pair of hands.
7.5 Munna Rahman to Aamer Ikram, pitched short this time and Ikram slashes again and gets the edge again. And as luck would have it, it races down to the rope again going over the keeper! ACTION-REPLAY of the previous two deliveries as pressure eases off Malo.
7.4 Munna Rahman to Aamer Ikram, FOUR! pitched full and outside off as Ikram edges it past the third man for another boundary! Two In TWO! Boy Oh Boy! Things getting pretty nail biting here as the batsman edges two deliveries for a FOUR!
7.3 Munna Rahman to Aamer Ikram, pitched up and outside off as Ikram slashes at it and gets the edge. The ball races away to the boundary going over the third man. A very important boundary for the Malo as Ikram gets lucky.
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