175/8 (20)
172/9 (20)
MNT won by 3 runs.
Player of the match: Dilhara Fernando
Here's the quotes from the captains:

Irfan Pathan (Bhilwara Kings): It was a very close game. Our effort seems fantastic in hindsight. Wanted Yusuf and myself to play more of Murali and Harbhajan. It would have been nice if it had come off. My body feels okay, seems like I am 22 again.

Harbhajan Singh (Manipal Tigers): Great performance by the boys. Extremely heartening to see Dilhara Fernando bowl this well. We had a lot of belief in our team. Very impressed by our openers Jesse Ryder and Tatenda Taibu's performance today. 
Presenting the Legend of the Match - Dilhara Fernando! 

I definitely enjoyed this performance. The body is fantastic and I do like to bowl under pressure. So this was just perfect for me. Body is fine, no worries. 
It is now time for the post-match presentation! 
Tatenda Taibu 54 | Dilhara Fernando (4/31)
Jesse Ryder 47 | Tino Best (3/20)

The Tigers came into this game soon after the Pathan brothers got going, and it was a fabulous performance by Dilhara Fernando, and an extremely good final over for him to take his side over the line.

The bowling performance put up by the Tigers was very heartening, especially after it became clear that the Kings were trying to run away with it.

Hard luck to the Pathans, who did their best to change the result in their favour. The bowling of the Kings was a little off the mark today, but they can hold their heads high with their batting performance.

So this is us- Mohul and Bidipto- signing off from this match. Until we meet again, goodbye and goodnight!
172 /9 score
cricket bat icon Tim Bresnan *
2 (2)
cricket bat icon Fidel Edwards
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Dilhara Fernando
4 /31
19.6 Dilhara Fernando to Tim Bresnan, MANIPAL TIGERS GET THEIR FIRST WIN UNDER PRESSURE! With five needed to win, Fernando bowls one full outside off, a wider ball, and this time, all Bresnan can do is drive it hard down to deep cover, off the front foot, but only for one run! 
19.5 Dilhara Fernando to Fidel Edwards, over the wicket, full outside off, a big heave through the line by Edwards, he ends up inside edging to the keeper and runs through for a single! 
Fidel Edwards, RHB, is the last man in for the Kings.
19.4 Dilhara Fernando to Tino Best, BOWLED HIM! Full and straight on off, Tino Best goes for an almighty slog across the line on one knee, misses and then, his off-stump goes for a walk!

Tino Best b Dilhara Fernando 2 (2 balls)
19.3 Dilhara Fernando to Tino Best, over the wicket, fuller outside off, Best goes down on one knee and heaves, ends up getting a bottom edge down to third man past the right of Taibu, for a couple of runs here! 
19.2 Dilhara Fernando to Tim Bresnan, over the wicket, full outside off and chopped off the inside edge to fine-leg, for a single this time. 
Tim Bresnan, RHB, is the new batter.
19.1 Dilhara Fernando to Rajesh Bishnoi, GONE! Good length ball on off, Bishnoi heaves it to deep mid-wicket off the middle of the bat from the crease, but it goes flat and straight into the hands of Mohammad Kaif again for another CATCH!

Rajesh Bishnoi c Mohammad Kaif b Dilhara Fernando 7 (5 balls)
The Kings need nine runs off the last over! Can they do it? It seems to be their game now...

Tino Best, RHB, walks out to the crease now.
167 /7 score
cricket bat icon Yusuf Pathan *
42 (21)
cricket bat icon Rajesh Bishnoi
7 (4)
cricket ball icon Parvinder Awana
2 /34
18.6 Parvinder Awana to Yusuf Pathan, MASSIVE WICKET! HUGE IN THE CONTEXT OF THE GAME! Short and slow outside off, Yusuf goes for a slog across the line on the back foot, he did not hit it cleanly and it went down to the safe hands of Mohammad Kaif at deep mid-wicket for a CATCH!

Yusuf Pathan c Mohammad Kaif b Parwinder Awana 42 (21 balls)
18.5 Parvinder Awana to Rajesh Bishnoi, good length slower ball on middle and a lofted on-drive from the forward press, down to long-on for a single. 
18.4 Parvinder Awana to Yusuf Pathan, full toss outside off, this gets cut over the in-field and down to deep point off the back foot, for a single. 
18.3 Parvinder Awana to Yusuf Pathan, GOOD SHOT! Over the wicket, good length ball on off and this gets LAUNCHED over wide long-on from the crease, and from the middle of the bat, for SIX! 
18.2 Parvinder Awana to Rajesh Bishnoi, full on off, check driven to extra cover off the front foot, for a single to rotate strike.