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Marsta CC 104/7 (10 ov)
Marsta CC won by 21 runs.
A comprehensive victory for Marsta CC in the end as they manage to defend the total by 21 runs!!

A great all-round performance by Marsta CC as they post a competitive total with the bat and later with the ball they bowled quite well by bowling good lines and lengths throughout their innings which strangled the Stockholm International Cricket Club batting line up as they took wickets regularly and did not let them settle. 
The top scorer for Stockholm International Cricket Club was Usman Rafique the captain himself who managed to score 30 runs in 24 balls and was there till the end but could not manage to take his side over the line.

That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this amazing batting and bowling display by Maarsta CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Abhinav Singh singing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Sweed Ullah to A Ahmad, FINAL delivery and Ullah keeps it in the right area again, pitches the ball on a good length outside off and Ahmad can't get his willow over the ball. A DOT to finish off a disappointing inning for the SICC side.
9.5 Sweed Ullah to A Ahmad, short of length and batsman tried swiping it but missed it spectacularly in the end 
9.4 Sweed Ullah to U Rafique, drilled it straight for a single. SICC pretty much have finished it now, all they need are 2 legal deliveries to win this one!!
9.3 Sweed Ullah to A Ahmad, bowls on the middle stump and Ahmad just swipes it to leg side for single. SICC needs 23 runs in 3 balls.
9.2 Sweed Ullah to A Ahmad, bowls it wide outside off and Ahmad nudges it down the third man area for a beautiful four! Do we have some late drama here? SICC needs 24 runs in 4 balls.
9.1 Sweed Ullah to A Ahmad, slow and on the middle stump, Ahmad rocks back and clobbers it to the midwicket area for a massive SIX! SICC needs 28 runs in 5 balls.
After 9 overs SICC is 71-5. A great penultimate over bowled by K Ali as he gives only 6 runs in this over and has pretty much sealed the deal for his side. SICC needs 34 runs in 6 balls.
8.6 Kamran Ali to U Rafique, bowled on good length and it again deviates after pitching, some seam movement for Kamran at the fag end of the inning, Dot ball!
8.5 Kamran Ali to U Rafique, pitched on middle and leg stump and hit straight to short square leg fielder, a direct hit and Usman would have been a goner!  Overthrow allows the batsmen to come for a two
8.4 Kamran Ali to A Ahmad, bowls in the stump and Ahmad swings it away to the midwicket region for a single
8.3 Kamran Ali to A Ahmad, short and Ahmad slices it to backward point where the fielder makes a meal of that catch!
8.2 Kamran Ali to U Rafique, bowls it on the middle stump and Rafique hits it straight up. The fielder can't reach there. Single taken
8.1 Kamran Ali to U Rafique, bowls it on a good length and the ball jags away a bit, some late swing on that one, batsmen missed it. Equation getting tougher as they need 40 runs in 11 balls!!!
After 8 overs bowled SICC is 65-5. SICC needs 40 runs in 12 balls at 20 RPO. MCC now having the upper hand in the game as they manage are not giving away easy opportunities to SICC batters.
7.6 S Ullah to U Rafique, bowls it faster this time, Rafique mis-edges it and somehow sneaks a single 
7.5 S Ullah to A Ahmad, slow delivery on the stumps, and batsman had to wait an eternity for it. Gets a single
7.4 S Ullah to A Ahmad, pulls it some further back and the batsman misses it yet again, two dots on a trot
7.3 S Ullah to A Ahmad, pitched on good length and batsman is dragged away to play that one! Excellent stuff
7.2 S Ullah to A Ahmad, fulltoss and the batsman plays it to the long leg region for a FOUR!
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