Varmdo CC 76/8 (10 ov)
Marsta CC 79/3 (8.1 ov)
Marsta CC won by 7 wickets
Marsta CC win by 7 wickets...
...with 11 balls to spare. Hamid Mehmood's 48 off 27 takes his team home comfortably in the end. It looked like one of those tricky targets where a few wickets could completely change the complexion of the match. Some intelligent batting from Hamid Mehmood and then, Sweed Ullah, gives them a fairly easy win to get give Marsta the 2 points from this game. 

Khalen Anwar bowled a couple of tight overs early in the innings to pick up 2 wickets while only giving away the 5 runs, All of that comes to nothing, as Varmdo begin their first campaign with a defeat. This win will propel Marsta towards the top of the table and set up the tournament really well going forward.

That's it for this game, from my colleague, Kartik Iyer, and myself, Habil Ahmed. We've enjoyed bringing the game to you, and we hope you've had a great time as well. Cheers!
8.1 F Khan to H Mehmood, short ball cut to deep point for a boundary to seal the victory.
75/3 in 8 overs. Tells you the story, really. 2 runs needed in 2 overs. Mehmood has played a fantastic innings so far today.
7.6 I Rahman to H Mehmood, pitched up and again hit down the ground for a single.
7.5 I Rahman to H Mehmood, pitched up and smashed down the ground for a massive six. We're one shot away from that victory now.
7.4 I Rahman to H Mehmood, yorker outside off played back to the bowler.
7.3 I Rahman to H Mehmood, beaten outside off going for a big hit.
7.2 I Rahman to H Mehmood, another full toss smashed to sweeper cover for a boundary. Brings the required target down to single digits.
7.1 I Rahman to H Mehmood, full toss but played straight to mid-on.
That's the end of that over. The move on to 64/3. Some very sensible batting from these two in the middle. They only need 13 runs to win off 18 balls.
6.6 N Akhlaqi to S Ullah, wide delivery but umpire lets it go.
6.5 N Akhlaqi to H Mehmood, full toss played to deep cover for a single.
6.4 N Akhlaqi to S Ullah, that's almost a replica but a single this time. Find the fielder instead of the gap.
6.3 N Akhlaqi to S Ullah, pitched up and driven through extra cover for a boundary. Sweed Ullah does well to find the gap. Sweed-ly struck, I'd say.
6.2 N Akhlaqi to H Mehmood, full delivery edged to short third man for a single.
6.2 N Akhlaqi to H Mehmood, wide outside off-stump.
6.1 N Akhlaqi to H Mehmood, widish delivery outside off and beaten.
12 runs come from that over. Marsta move to 56/3 at the end of the sixth. 21 to win off 24 balls.
5.6 Q Nqibzai to H Mehmood, late cut to point for another single.
5.5 Q Nqibzai to S Ullah, length ball played to mid-on for a single.
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