Mechelen Eagles CC 62/10 (9.4 ov)
Beveren CC 66/5 (8.4 ov)
Beveren CC won by 5 wickets
Beveren CC, in the end, manage to chase the total down with 5 wickets in hand and 8 balls to spare!!

It surely was a thriller game as Abdul Rashid manages to start the innings for Mechelen Eagles CC with a couple of wickets in the 1st over itself and had put Beveren CC at the backfoot the captain of Beveren CC Hakim and Saber Zakhil managed to stitch a partnership of 31 runs and managed to get their side back on track!! 

The skipper although was taken out and was unable to stay till the end as he was dismissed for 13 runs, Saber Zakhil managed to stay almost till the end as he scored 27 runs and the task was left to Khalid Ahmadzai and Khalid Ahmadi who sore 10 and 7 runs respective and made sure their team crosses the finish line!!!
For Mechelen Eagles CC apart from Abdul Rashid, Ikramullah Naser also managed to get 2 wickets!!

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the game between the Beveren CC and Mechelen Eagles CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Abhinav Singh signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
8.4 S Khogyani to K Ahmadi, one run needed, the bowler bowls way outside off, Ahmadi makes some quick adjustments and dabs the ball to the third man area for an easy single to kill the tie to perfection! BCC coast to victory with 5 wickets in hand! 
8.3 S Khogyani to K Ahmadzai, length ball on pads and flicked towards deep midwicket by Ahmadzai and the batsmen scamper around for a single! Scores-level, just 1 run needed now!! 
8.2 S Khogyani to K Ahmadzai, length ball outside off and hit towards the extra cover region for a quick double!! 
8.1 S Khogyani to K Ahmadzai, SIX! overpitched and Ahmadzai hits it high and out of the park over deep midwicket for a huge SIX!! Surely, its in the bag for BCC now!
At the end of the 8th over BCC is 53/5. They now need 10 runs in 12 balls!! Suddenly the game is going close!!
7.6 K Cheema to Khaleed Ahmadi, low full-toss, spliced to sweeper cover for an easy couple of runs
7.5 K Cheema to Khalid Ahmadzai, short ball outside off, clubbed to deep midwicket for a single
7.4 K Cheema to Khalid Ahmadzai, length ball, pitched on middle and leg, defended straight back to the bowler!
7.3 K Cheema to Khaleed, full ball in the hole, dug out to extra cover for a single They now need 13 runs in 15 balls!!
7.2 K Cheema to Khaleed, good length ball on fifth stump line and almost kissed the batsman's outside edge1
7.1 K Cheema to S Zakhil, WICKET, banged in short, Zakhil tried to muscle the ball but ended up dragging the ball back onto the stumps! As he looks back, his off stump is lying on the ground! A twist in the tale?
7.1 K Cheema to S Zakhil, bowled wide outside off, WIDE called
At the end of the 7th over BCC is 48/4. A bit off trouble for BCC as they lose another wicket in this over they now need 15 runs in remaining 18 balls!!
6.6 I Naser to S Otmanzai, WICKET! tossed up, Otmanzai sits on one knee to smack the ball in front of square but top-edges the ball up in the air to backward point where the fielder takes an easy catch
6.5 I Naser to S Otmanzai, full ball on pads, the batsman misses the line of the ball! DOT 
6.4 I Naser to S Otmanzai, full ball, whipped to midwicket for a double
6.3 I Naser to S Zakhil, tossed up, batsman tried to go over midwicket but edged it to third man for a single
6.2 I Naser to Hakim Said, length ball pitched on middle and leg, defended back to the bowler
6.1 M Ismail to S Otmanzai, tossed up and dragged all the way from offside to deep midwicket for a single
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