41st Match, Docklands Stadium, Melbourne
REN won by 6 runs.
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Melbourne Renegades won by 6 runs
Sam Harper 51(36) | Joe Clarke 59(37)
Kane Richardson 2-17(4)  | Adam Zampa 1-12(4)

Never say never in Cricket until the last ball. The Renegades were down and out when 21 runs need in the final four overs but Finch's superb captaincy, coupled with a big uplift from the crowd and some tight bowling helped the hosts to be right side of the result from nowhere. Surely this defeat would be heartbreaking for the Stars, not because it came against their rivals, but they did all the right things until the 16th over of the match. Stars' hoped hinged on Larkin but he struggled to get going and agonizingly the visitors fell short in the end

Well, Joe Clarke tore the Renegades' bowlers apart and gave the Stars a flying start, while his partner Rogers attacked the spinners as the duo struck a 88 run opening stand. Power Surge was taken after the drinks break but Joe Clarke failed to capitalise on it as Kane Richardson ended his brilliant knock

Cartwright's short stay was ended ended by Kellepotha but Webster played an entertaining cameo to put the Stars in the driver's seat. Once he fell, the Renegades' pace trio controlled things well, bowled tight line and length as the Stars lost three wickets for just 6 runs. 
156 /7 score
cricket bat icon Nick Larkin *
21 (19)
cricket bat icon Luke Wood
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Will Sutherland
0 /39
19.6 Will Sutherland to Nick Larkin, BEATEN! RENEGADES WIN! Sutherland executes a perfect wide yorker. Larkin goes down on one knee to slam it on the off-side but fails to get any bat on it. He looks down in disappointment and the Renegades are elated. They win by 6 runs after an extraordinary comeback in the second half.
Sam Harper has come a long way to have a chat with Sutherland. What's the length going to be? Here comes Sutherland
19.5 Will Sutherland to Luke Wood, FOUR! 7 needed off the final ball! 6 for super over! Full and wide, Larkin throws his bat at it and gets a leading edge behind square towards the vacant third man region for a boundary!
Can Larkin do it for the Stars?

Brody Couch walks in at no.9
19.4 Will Sutherland to Luke Wood, RUNOUT! What a turnaround this has been! Full and on the fourth stump line, Wood tries to slap is on the leg side but only manages to hit it back to the bowler. The batters had no choice but to cross over. Sutherland jumps over and collects the ball with one hand. He rushes back to the non-striker end where Wood was running, and knocks off the bails.

Luke Wood run out (Will Sutherland) 1 (3b, 0x4, 0x6)
"You have a wide yorker and hard length to bowl at this field. But make sure to be on top off the mark" Finch instructs Sutherland

A big discussion is going on between Finch and Sutherland
19.3 Will Sutherland to Nick Larkin, full and on off, slapped to long on, Larkin has no choice but to run now, single taken and it's over to Wood now. 11 off 3.
Two dots in a row. Larkin is not trusting Wood as he takes responsibility to finish things off. 
19.2 Will Sutherland to Nick Larkin, full and wide, Larkin slices it hard and past the point region but Jake Fraser at deep point does well, Larkin decides to not run!
19.1 Will Sutherland to Nick Larkin, slower length delivery around off, Larkin looks to clear the infield on the off-side but does not quite middle it as he ends up playing it to backward point
Will Sutherland (3-0-34-0) comes back into the attack
Melbourne Stars need 12 runs to win from 6 balls
Who would've thought that we would go down to the final over to determine the winner? It's a fantastic fightback by the Renegades and they have a momentum right now
151 /6 score
cricket bat icon Nick Larkin *
16 (14)
cricket bat icon Luke Wood
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Thomas Stewart Rogers
2 /45
18.6 Tom Rogers to Nick Larkin, slower length delivery on off-middle, Larkin gives himself some room and slices it to backward point. He manages to keep the strike with a single. 12 needed off the final over!
18.5 Tom Rogers to Luke Wood, short of a length on the body, pulled towards deep midwicket for a single
18.4 Tom Rogers to Luke Wood, back of a length and outside off, Wood comes forward to push it on the off-side but this one angles away from him, 14 off 8 needed now!