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Melbourne Renegades 150/10 (19.5 ov)
Melbourne Stars 153/4 (19.1 ov)
Stars won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Liam Hatcher
Melbourne Stars won this match by 6 wickets and 5 balls to spare!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Pradeep Somasherkar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Things were going down to the wire but Nic Madison and Hilton Cartwright held their nerves towards the end to see their side across the line. Renegades probably did not have the best of bowlers who had the ability to close this match. They bowled quite well nonetheless to keep their side in the hunt till the final over of the match.

Looking back Renegades will definitely think upon the score they posted while batting as if they had scored 10-15 runs more, they would surely have been strong contenders to win this game. 

Stars did not win the Bash Boost Point but got the win and the 3 points along with it and move up to the 3rd spot in the points table.
Renegades skipper Finch rolled the dice and brought his strike bowler Kane Ricardson when the equation stood at 42 needed off 36 balls for Stars. Richardson delivered for his skipper and brought Renegades back into the match. He picked up the wicket of Maxwell who was middling the ball well while scoring the 20 runs!

He in his final over also managed to pluck the wicket of another set batsman Larkin who batted well for his 43 runs. Stars who took the power surge for 16-18 overs could manage to get just a couple of boundaries.
Renegades continued the attack with their spinners and Peter Hatzoglou who bowled stump to stump was finally rewarded by the wicket of Marcus Stoinis who batted well for his 43 runs. Stars had a chance to get the bash boost point as Imad bowled away the extra deliveries.

Fortunately, Imad managed to pull things back and Renegades managed to get the Bash Boost point on what has been a tough night for them! Maxwell along with Larkin in the middle over started to tonk the ball to the boundary lines and the pressure created by Renegades was subdued.
Coming into chase 151 runs, Marcus Stoinis and Andre Fletcher the spice man came on to open the batting for the Stars. Renegades looked prepared with their bowling and seemed to have done their homework as they did not bowl outside off to the spice man to keep him quiet.

Stoinis decided to cut himself loose but at the same time, Stars lost the wicket of the Spice man. Stoinis continued to bat through the tough overs by the Renegades spinners as Nick Larkin the new batsman just looked to set himself in.
Imad Wasim needed to bowl 6 magical deliveries to stop Stars from getting those 4 runs. That was a bit too much to ask of him and Nic Maddinson decides not to create further drama and belts that one down the ground to finish the match in style in favor of Stars!
Over: 20 | Summary: 6 Bowler: Imad Wasim Score: 153/4
19.1 Imad Wasim to Nic Maddinson, SIX! GAME OVER! Maddinson seals the game with a huge maximum! Wasim bowls a full delivery, in the arc for Maddinson as he POWERED that one all the way over the long-off boundary for a massive six! 
GAME ON!! Renegades have managed to push the match into the final over and have really tested the Stars batting line up which has not batted to its potential! Just 4 runs needed from the final over now!!

Imad Wasim comes on to bowl the final over of the match!!
Over: 19 | Summary: 3 0 1lb 0 2 1w 4 Bowler: Noor Ahmad Score: 147/4
18.6 Noor Ahmad to Hilton Cartwright, FOUR! That's the boundary they were looking for as Cartwright went for the reverse sweep as he lofted that one just over the short third-man fielder's head for a boundary. A gusty reverse sweep from Hilton and the equation is pretty much getable now!
18.6 Noor Ahmad to Hilton Cartwright, WIDE! Short and wide outside the leg stump line as Cartwright looks whack that one but misses. The umpire calls that a wide! Down to 8 runs off 7 balls now!
18.5 Noor Ahmad to Hilton Cartwright, short and wide outside off. Cartwright moves across and absolutely smashes back past the bowler who sways away from it as it almost reaches the boundary but a stunning effort from long-off fielder to keep it to just a brace in the end
18.4 Noor Ahmad to Hilton Cartwright, around the wicket, short and wide this time. Cartwright fails to get any bat on that, gets beaten, through to the keeper's gloves! The pressure is on down to 11 of 8 balls!
18.3 Noor Ahmad to Nic Maddinson, OH! Tossed up into Maddinson on the middle and leg as moves across to whip it away but misses and it brushes his thigh pad on to the keeper in the end as they pick up a quick leg-bye!
18.2 Noor Ahmad to Nic Maddinson, OH! Touch full on the off stump as Maddinson goes on his knee and give that big whack but inside edges to his thigh pads in the end, no run
18.1 Noor Ahmad to Hilton Cartwright, short delivery, wide outside off. Cartwright reaches for it and slashes that one hard and gets past the extra cover region as the long-off fielder puts up a good dive to stop that one as they come back for a third
A decent over for the batting side here as Peter was hammered for maximum right on the first ball of the previous over. Nic who hit the six just worked the ball around in the end collected 10 runs from the previous over for Stars. Stars now need 15 runs in 12 balls! A wicket here will do plenty of good to the Renegades!!

Meanwhile, Noor Ahmad comes to bowl the penultimate over of the match!
Over: 18 | Summary: 6 0 1 1 2 0 Bowler: Peter Hatzoglou Score: 136/4
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