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Men In Blue CC 107/1 (10 ov)
Gracia CC 107/5 (10 ov)
Men in Blue tied Gracia (Men in Blue won the Golden Ball)
Player of the match: Harpreet Singh-2
That concludes the coverage of this match! This is Prakhar Sachdeo and on behalf of my fellow commentator Pradeep Somashekar, I say goodbye. 
Abhishek Borikar has won the match for Men in Blue! He is the hero for Men in Blue. He is delighted and so are his teammates. 

What a great game of cricket we have had. Chasing 107, Vicky Sodhi ( 42 off 27 balls) and Kuldeep Lal (30 off 17) did all the hitting at the top of the order. Kulwant Singh's cameo kept the game alive for Gracia in the chase. But then an interesting last over meant the match was tied. Abhishek Borikar bowled the Golden Ball for Men in Blue and castled Vicky Sondhi to decide the fate of the game. 

Earlier after losing the toss, Men in Blue were asked to bat first. Harpreet Singh and Shankar Kaligatla opened the innings. At the half-way mark, Men in Blue were 42/0. It was a decent start. But in the second half of the inning Men in Blue blasted 63 runs. Shubhdeep Deb, the regular opener for MIB, came at no.3 and hit 28 runs from 13 balls to provide the much-needed impetus in the latter overs. Harpreet carried his bat right through the inning and made an unbeaten 38 from 27 balls. Thanks a superb batting show Men in Blue finish on 107. A total of more than 100 has not been chased down in ECS. So will Gracia CC be able to do the impossible? We shall soon find out. 

0.1 Abhishek Borikar to Vicky Sondhi, OUT! CASTLED! Men In Blue have won the game and Borikar is the man for them, held his nerve! Back of a length on the middle and off into the batsman as Sondhi went for the paddle sweep and misses, rattles into the middle stump. Terrible shot selection from the batsman and he paid the price for it and Men In Blue just went over the line here!
The batting team will now face one more ball. If the batting team scores two runs then the batting team wins. If the bowling team restricts the batting team for under 2 runs then the bowling team wins. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1nb 4W 1nb 1 1 1 W 1b Bowler: Nikhil Chowdary Score: 106/5
After a dramatic last over. The match has been tied. The match will be decided on the merit of a Golden Ball. 
The match is tied! What a thriller!!!! Phew!!!!!! 
9.6 Nikhil Chowdary to Vicky Sondhi, OH DEAR! WE'RE IN FOR A GOLDEN BALL NOW! Yorker on the outside off as Sondhi fails to get any bat on it and misses, through to the keeper and Tirlochan did well their backup early and makes it well as the keeper makes a mess off it as he fails to pick it up to whips the bails off! UNBELIEVABLE SCENES!
2 needed off last ball! 
9.5 Nikhil Chowdary to Paramjit Singh, RUN-OUT! Right up in the blockhole on the outside off. Paramjit drills that one down the ground to long-on and the fielder darts his throw to the strikers end and some terrible running in the middle as Paramjit went back for the second and had a collision to Sondhi on the way and he's well short of his crease and Paramjit is run-out!
3 needed off 2 balls! 
9.4 Nikhil Chowdary to Vicky Sondhi, low full toss on the off stump as Sondhi doesn't get all that well underneath of that as he mistimes that one down the ground to long-off for only a single
4 needed off 3!
9.3 Nikhil Chowdary to Paramjit Singh, OH! Overpitches on the outside off, Paramjit throws his bat at it and top edges that one and the short third-man fielder fails to hold on to it as they get only a single
Paramjit Singh, RHB, is the new man in. 
9.2 Nikhil Chowdary to Vicky Sondhi, back of a length into Sondhi on the off stump as he swats that one down the ground to long-on for a single
7 off 5!
9.2 Nikhil Chowdary to Vicky Sondhi, NO-BALL! Bowled wide and outside the strip and Umpire calls that a no-ball. Comedy of errors again from the two batsman as they almost run themselves out
8 needed off 5!
9.1 Nikhil Chowdary to Vicky Sondhi, FOUR! Too full and wide of off stump as Sondhi throws his bat at it and slashes that one over the point region and that races away to the fence for a boundary
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