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Fresh Tropical 173/1 (10 ov)
Milan Cricket Club 83/5 (10 ov)
Fresh Tropical won by 90 runs.
Player of the match: Muhammad Imran
A comprehensive win for Fresh Tropical, who book their place in the next phase of the tournament. Milan Cricket Club never really turned up for this encounter, not even attempting to pull of an upset. Whatever spirit was left in their players before this match, was broken by Muhammad Imran. The right-hander tonked an unbeaten 97 of 30 balls to set a mammoth target of 174 runs. Amir Sharif's unbeaten 23 ball 44 provided the platform against a tame MCC bowling line up.

There was barely any intent shown by the Fresh Tropical batsmen when they came out for the chase too. Pramod Sudida's 21 ball 21, alonside Mian Abdul Qasood's firepower knock of 39, were the only double digit scores in their innings. Zain Naqvi, Bilal Hameed and Muhammad Imran, were all economical and bagged a wicket each for Fresh Tropicals.

A dead-rubber contest if there ever was one! One would have liked to see Milan CC go for it and try to put Fresh Tropical under pressure, but they had accepted defeat before the game started. Muhammad Imran was undoubtedly the man of the match, with his power packed all round performance. Fresh Tropical proved why they are regarded as one of the top teams in the tournament and will be hoping to go all way.

That's it for now though! The ECS action continues on the other side. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda to catch all the live action from the upcoming games and also for all the sporting action around the globe. This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Ankit Sharma. Take care and stay safe. See ya!
The formalities are over for Milan Cricket Club, who have been outplayed in all departments throughout this series. The target of 174 was never going to be easy, and they have failed to reach even half of that score. All credits to Fresh Tropical who have comprehensively clinched victory and better yet have made qualifying to the next stage easier after this performance. Fresh Tropical win by 90 runs. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 4 W 0 1 1 Bowler: Zain Naqvi Score: 83/5
9.6 Zain Naqvi to Yuvrajsinh Vashi, short of a length delivery angling into Vashi, who gets squared up but manages to get some bat on it. That's curtains for MCC.

Fresh Tropical beat Milan Cricket Club by 90 runs.
9.5 Zain Naqvi to Mian Abdul Wadood, full delivery on the stumps, Wadood lofts it back over the bowlers head, for a single towards long-off
9.4 Zain Naqvi to Mian Abdul Wadood, back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Wadood went for a wild swing away from his body but failed to get bat on ball
Mian Wadood, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
9.3 Zain Naqvi to Mian Abdul Qadoos, KNOCKED HIM OVER! Full and straight, Mian plays all over that one and his middle stump goes for a cartwheel! Pleasant sight for a pacer!
9.2 Zain Naqvi to Mian Abdul Qadoos, FOUR! Full delivery on the stumps, Mian gets a thick inside edge that races away to the fine leg fence. Good old fashioned french cut.
9.1 Zain Naqvi to Mian Abdul Qadoos, full delivery outside off-stump cross-batted drive to mid-off, but he doesn't take the run
A couple of handsome shots from Kaushik Bhuva to pick up a few runs, but everything is in vain, as even mathematically now, Milan Cricket Club are out of the contest. Bhuva couldn't hold onto his wicket either, but this time thanks to a good throw from the keeper at the non strikers end to get rid of Bhuva. Last over to go, and Milan Cricket Club are 97 runs away from their target. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 4 1 4 2nb W 1 Bowler: Suliman Hakimi Score: 77/4
8.6 Suliman Hakimi to Mian Abdul Qadoos, good length delivery outside off-stump, Mian drives it over the infield, for a single over covers
Yuvrajsinh Vashi, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
8.5 Suliman Hakimi to Kaushik Bhuva, RUNOUT ON A FREE HIT! Bhuva fails to get any bat on this full length delivery that goes through to the keeper. His partner was already off for a single, and Bhuva was forced to run to the non strikers end. The keeper took a second to aim, and made sure he does not miss the stumps, running Bhuva out. 
8.5 Suliman Hakimi to Mian Abdul Qadoos, full delivery angling in, Mian swipes it just short of deep square leg, for a single. It's a no ball.
8.4 Suliman Hakimi to Mian Abdul Qadoos, FOUR! A touch short outside off, Mian hangs back and cuts it firmly to find the point fence!
8.3 Suliman Hakimi to Kaushik Bhuva, a touch short outside off, Bhuva slices it towards third man, falls short of the fielder, for a single
8.2 Suliman Hakimi to Kaushik Bhuva, FOUR! Back of a length delivery outside off, Bhuva cuts it firmly to beat the point fielder and find the fence
8.1 Suliman Hakimi to Mian Abdul Qadoos, EDGED! Length delivery outside off, Mian goes through his shot and gets an edge towards third man, for a single
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