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Kharian 149/6 (10 ov)
Minhaj CC 148/6 (10 ov)
Kharian won by 1 runs.
Player of the match: Asjad Butt
We have just witnessed an absolute cracker of a game here! What a terrific finish as Kharian surviving the scare in the end to win the game by the closest of margins, a solitary run! That's how important every single run is to make a huge difference in the end. Never looked like Minhaj would get close after the half-way stage but what a blinder of an innings it was from Asjad Butt! Fought the lone battle all the way through and one cannot help but feel sad for him. Deserved to have taken his side over the line, but that's how the game is. So close yet so far! A 32-ball 74 with six fours and as many sixes but all going in vain. Muhammad Riaz did come to the party as well towards the end and had a survived for a bit more, this game would have gone Minhaj's way for all certainty! 

Kharian should be considering themselves really lucky for having gotten away with the game considering how Asjad was going, and also for the fact that they dropped him twice! They could have gotten any luckier than this as they broke out in celebrations in the end. An absolute run feast this and will definitely go down as one of the most memorable encounters of ECS this. Some decent work in the field with all those run-outs in the end saving the day for Kharian 

Minhaj won both their games and were almost on the verge of pulling off three in a row and a splendid one. Kharian causing an upset there and quite clearly, they were overjoyed with the win. Two brilliant knocks with the bat for their respective teams and some great entertainment all the way along! This has been myself (Rishab) and Pratyush as we leave you for a quick breather as we have a couple of games more coming your way. Stay tuned as you certainly do not want to be missing out on any of the action!
What a fantastic game we've had here! High voltage drama and in the end, it's only a slender margin of 1 run that's given Kharian the victory. What an effort from Minhaj as well and you've got to feel bad for Asjad, fighting the lone battle but just not enough support for him. Remarkable comeback though as they almost, nearly pulled off a record chase! 
9.6 Danish Abdullah to Asjad Butt, THE SCENES HERE ARE WILD! Full delivery on the pads, Butt flicks it towards deep square leg and calls for two but he can't come back for the second run and falls way short of his crease. His splendid knock goes in vain. Kharian win the match by 1 run! What a nail-biter this game was!
9.5 Danish Abdullah to Asjad Butt, full delivery on middle stump, jammed out a drive towards long on and they blindly run for two to ensure Butt is on strike. The non-strike sacrificing his wicket for a victory here! It's all upto Butt now! 3 in one!
9.4 Danish Abdullah to Asjad Butt, shortish delivery on off stump, Butt pulls it towards deep square leg and a miscommunication between the batsmen means they can only take a single. Poor run-out there! 5 off 2
9.4 Danish Abdullah to Muhammad Riaz, drifting down the leg side for a wide and they sneak a single as well. 6 off 3
9.3 Danish Abdullah to Muhammad Riaz, SMASHED FOR A MAXIMUM!!! In the slot delivery on middle stump, Riaz heaves it over deep midwicket for another smashing six! WOW! Just 7 off 3 now!!
9.2 Danish Abdullah to Muhammad Riaz, FOUR!! Good length delivery on off stump, Riaz slices his drive and it lobs over the infield to find the point boundary! Surely not Kharian? 13 off 4 needed
9.1 Danish Abdullah to Muhammad Riaz, SIX! IDEAL START! Short of a length delivery into the batsman, who pulls it towards deep backward square, for a maximum!
What are Kharian doing? Two lives for Asjad and that might just be the game being put down as well! Ridiculous and this is poor cricket. Asjad is absolutely on song making them pay for it and Minhaj might just be on the verge of a record run-chase! Brilliant hitting this and he is fighting the lone battle. Started slow but he's brought his side back in tremendously well! 23 off the last over needed!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 6 1 1w 6 6 4 Bowler: Adeel Ahmed Score: 127/3
8.6 Adeel Ahmed to Asjad Butt, FOUR! Butt not going down without a fight! Overpitched delivery on off stump, smashed back over the bowlers head for a boundary
8.5 Adeel Ahmed to Asjad Butt, SIX MOREEE! In the slot on middle stump, Butt heaves this over deep midwicket for a huge six! Can Minhaj pull off a miracle?
8.4 Adeel Ahmed to Asjad Butt, OH DEAR! DROPPED ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FENCE! Good length delivery on middle stump, heaved towards long on and the fielder there can't take the catch and also helps it over the fence
8.4 Adeel Ahmed to Asjad Butt, wayward to say the least. Down the leg side for a wide.
8.3 Adeel Ahmed to Muhammad Riaz, full delivery on off stump, dug out a drive towards long on, for a single
8.2 Adeel Ahmed to Muhammad Riaz, SIX! MAXIMUM! Good length delivery on middle stump, Riaz smashes it back over the bowlers head for a maximum
8.1 Adeel Ahmed to Asjad Butt, good length delivery on middle stump, Butt shuffles across and slogs it towards deep midwicket, for a single
Some good bowling from Asghar at the top of the over not giving anything away for the batsmen to put away. Faltered later on though and this is turning out to be a close chase. Asjad Butt bringing up his fifty as well but he's going to have to do a lot more as the job is nowhere close to done yet! Minhaj going past 100 as well and this game is certainly alive! 48 off 12 needed
Over: 8 | Summary: 1b 1 2 4 6 1 Bowler: Jashanzaib Asghar Score: 102/3
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